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Saturday, September 4, 2021



The story of Ivermectin

Very disturbing the C-19 stunt they are pulling on the American people.

It is also effective for other viral infections flu for eg. SARS 1 etc. TY JAP!!!!!!!!!!
* l am ALL for curing Covid-19, but this is Madness.

* According to The New York Times dated today 4th- A doctor in OK says hospitals are backed up with patients who overdosed on a veterinary ivermectin, an anti parasite medication.

* The FDA warned that it is not approved for use " You not a horse, you not a cow." These words. Anyways ..

Ivermectin needs to be prescribed in the proper dosage for humans.

ng it's fake news. There are ivermectin doses for animals and ivermecton doses for humans. You wouldn't take large animal doses, for the same reason you don't give adult doses of NyQuil orTylenol to very young children. Don't believe every thing you see on yahoo news or msm.
All the trumpies are buying it off the shelfs here in town!   Duh! Almost as good as the orange rug saying to use disinfectant! !!
* True there are doses for such & such, and it's not fake news. I am simply repeating what the NYT is saying, and the hospital are dealing with " People" who are overdosing & recommending this fir Covid, which it is NOT.

* Ivermectin is A medication that " IS USED TO TREAT PARASITE infections... where in your weird F mind is Covid classified as a Parasite? That's the difference between people who can read and understand what's going on around them, as apposed to Imbeciles to want to " go it alone" in order to say " l did not follow the medical industry" and cured myself.

* The other SH** we have to contend with is these idiots OD'g and then showing up at hospitals- why do you THEN want help?
* If you imbeciles have a parasite moving around in your body, by all means get medical advice before on the ivermectin....

* BUT for F sake, if you going to try it for Covid, leave a note for your loved ones saying....

" l tried and failed, Do Not Call the paramedics, let the hospitals use their resources on someone who deserves to live. I'm done for.."
farticus you have no idea of what you are writing concerning Ivermectin. It works like HCQ read this article I posted over a year ago and learn something for once in your miserable life.
BTW farticus since you have the attention span of a fruit fly and the biological science background of a rock, try reading slowly and maybe some of it will sink in.
* You may not know this: But Covid-19 reached our shores last year. Ivermectin has been around awhile now, the medication is approved for : treatment of certain parasitic roundworm infections. Just because people across this country are using it to treat Covid, does not make it legit.

* There have been studies with ivermectin effectiveness against Covid, but the data has been inconclusive & NOT recommended for the treatment.In language you MAY understand, it is NOT PROVEN to be effective against Covid, but of course, that has not stopped people from trying it. Funny how folks are willing to try this stuff, yet they condemn the vaccines.

* Speaking about fruit flies, they love moist & damp environments so, yor brain is like that- it's soaked with gelatinous that gooey material you call a brain. I mean just review how you think:

* You looking for the " coming re installment " of Trump to the White House. You don't seem to realize that there is NO mechanism for such a thing to take place.

* To show your thinking ability lacks imagination: You look at the removal & replacement of a American President like the outcome of a sprinting event, where the person placing 2nd, ends up the winner because the so called " winner " cheated by taking PED's.

* Hello, Trump lost & was REJECTED by the voters. If Biden is removed or impeached, Trump does not automatically fill that slot. That handbook you have that spells out that scenario is wrong,never going to happen.

*The emperor has no clothes.

* What's astounding... is how that guy or gal you living with, puts up with your way of thinking on a daily basis, given on how you arrive at your conclusions on any topic under discussion, it must be pretty frightening & bizarre to say the least.

* What was your class placings in elementary school? Just curious...
Maybe you should watch the video on this thread, instead of going on about the NYT article in the other thread.
The NYT hasn't said one good thing about Trump during his 4 years in office, so it's no surprise they are criticizing people that don't follow their narative.

If you watched the video you would have seen the studies they did that showed it worked for Covid. Just because the CDC or the FDA doesn't want to accept the study results, doesn't mean it doesn't work. They have their own reasons for that. AS
If you catch a cold, or the regular flu, or a stomach virus do you go to the doctor for a shot? No! You go the drug store and buy some cold and flu medicine, cough drops, Tylenol etc.

Dam, hit enter by mistake... Where was I?

Funny how this is the first or (only) illness where most doctors will not recommend any treatment for it. You don't think that is unusual? Instead all they want to do is give everyone a shot for it, then you need a 2nd, then a 3rd. Before long it will be 6 or 7. You'll need every 6 months for every new variant.

Could it be that the patents for Ivermectin and HCQ have expired and are a very inexpensive treatment, so therefore they don't want to recommend it because there is no profit to be made? As they say, Follow the money.

Strong sales of its COVID vaccine helped Pfizer nearly double second-quarter revenue and boost profits by 59% — beating Wall Street projections and leading the drug giant to sharply hike its 2021 sales and profit forecasts.

During a July 28 second quarter earnings call, Pfizer told investors the company has increased its revenue projection, now expected to be in the range of $78 to $80 billion.

The company projected revenue from its COVID vaccine alone will hit $33.5 billion — a 29% jump from the previously estimated $26 billion. Pfizer registered $7.8 billion in COVID vaccine sales in the second quarter, bringing total worldwide sales so far this year to $11.3 billion.

The new profit forecast doesn’t include a contract struck last week with the Biden administration to provide an additional 200 million doses to the U.S.
A White House official last week told CNN:

“The federal government is exercising an option in its contract with Pfizer to purchase 200 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to be delivered between fall 2021 and spring 2022 to prepare for future vaccination needs, including vaccines for children under 12 and possible booster shots if studies show they are necessary.”

The pharmaceutical giant plans to deliver 2.1 billion doses this year and has the capacity to manufacture 4 billion doses next year, CEO Albert Bourla said during the conference call.

The U.S. previously paid $19.50 per dose for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but Pfizer recently raised the price for the government to $24 per dose.

farticus, you are the perfect example of "you can't fix stupid". I knew it would be way over your head, you are the type that is unable to learn anything new becuase your brain never developed fully due to years of drug and alcohol abuse starting in grade school. Time to put the bong down.
* You guys are insane. You peddling misinformation & why am l not surprised.

* After all you " Think" Trump won re election, despite the evidence he did not. You have folk like Powell, Rudy & Mr Pillow being sued, but you think they speaking the truth.

* In your crazy world- The FDA is suddenly into killing people, after all they approved of the vaccines to combat Covid, but younguys would rather try ivermectin because it will save lives..ok, remain delusional.

* You had Phil Valentine, that conservative talkshow guy taking ivermectin since he had Covid & recently DIED!

* what was that bit about " you can't fix stupid?"
no farticus you can't fix yourself, you are too stupid, there is no way forward for you. Being an idiot drone for the leftists is your place for now until the 6th booster shot dissolves your liver.
* Why not cure yourselves by pumping ivermectin into your bodies, after all this is a better choice than the vaccines.

* While you at it, perhaps administrator a few shots directly into your brains, perhaps your thinking could change course for the better- one can only hope.

farticus we will not group think as you suggest, that is what your leftist overlords have done to you. Don't you comprehend what you just wrote " thinking could change course for the better". You are brainwashed, there isn't "better thinking", that is a totalitarian objective to have the masses thinking their way, a............"better way".

You are in a bad place, you must have been subjected to the indoctrination of public schooling to not question your government masters. Logic, truth, and reasoning are foreign concepts to you.

* You really ought to THINK before writing.

For instance you posted " You must have been subject to indoctrination "
Yet that is exactly where you ARE.

* Trump told you all that he WON, and using your OWN words here " "You have been brainwashed. You bought into the lie that Trump could not be defeated, yet he was and because he couldn't live with he's lose, he counted on you suckers to fight for him, poor unfortunate souls * as the song goes!

" To think, a Hotel owner tells you " Without Evidence" that he has been cheated out of an election " AND YOU BELIEVE " because he says so! After all, Trump never lies.

* You wrote: " Logic, truth and reasoning are foreign concepts to you." You were talking about yourself because your subconscious guilt was manifesting itself . You took the word of a failed & defeated President as truth when we all know, including yourself that it's a LIE.

* Those folk who showed up on Jan 6th also bought into Trump's lie, yet here you are telling me to use Logic & Reasoning?

* Follow my advice and inject yourself as many times as you want with ivermectin, better yet, throw in some disinfectant- who knows, perhaps you guys might find a cure for Covid-19.

* Lastly: Leave a note just in case things go South...
farticus looks like I hit a nerve, it isn't Trump derangement you are just told to hate Trump but don't know why.... it is indoctrination, I lit up that little tiny brain cell big time for you. Relax, now do some more introspection and accept that you can change and you might start accepting that there are other view points, perspectives, and realities that don't line up with your leftist overlords dictates.
Has anyone else noticed that no matter what the blog subject is, ng's counter point to almost everyone else's comment will aways the include following:

A) Quote something he read on yahoo news.
B) January 6th.
C) Trump lost the election, get over it.
D) Bad mouth Trump supporters.
E) All of the above.

I guess that's what you do when your arguement sucks and you can't back it up.

Just sayin'...
The other two or three farticus acolytes have the same modus operandi.
* You lit up my brain cells.. lol. You gave none to begin with. Read my post on your premature attempt to take ivermectin. As l said you all insane.

* G, you sound desperate to say something that does not exist. Fact of the matter is " l have a good memory" l only need to read an article once & l can formulate what it's all about.

* I don't need to copy & paste Sh** like what a lot of you fools do because you just forgot what you read- l, remember things. When you arrive back in the real world, we will let you know, as for now, you all are still " out there." Btw- l read from many sources, but Yahoo is not one of them, neither is Fox since it's Trump's mouthpiece. But l take a gander at just about all the " other" News outlets.

* It's easy to tell the " Fake Networks" it's those that are bring sued. Fox, Newsmax catered to Rudy, Sidney & Woods, guess what- all 5 are being sued. How is that possible IF all were telling the Truth?

* Don't think to hard on that one: Your brain may explode, now if you injected ivermectin, you might just survive.
* My counterpoint make sense, which is why it gets you guys all upset, it gets you thinking.
That other fool has a blog exclusively dedicated to going after Biden, l am bringing balance to the blog. Think of me as Neo.
farticus is a fast formulating one trick pony. That is why you responded to the process of HCL denying C-19 robbing hemoglobin, with this:

"* You may not know this: But Covid-19 reached our shores last year. Ivermectin has been around awhile now, the medication is approved for : treatment of certain parasitic roundworm infections. Just because people across this country are using it to treat Covid, does not make it legit."

Not what the article was about, you are a low comprehension leftist dimwit.
* What makes you think l go to the sites you recommend me to look at? Knowing full well you not playing with a full deck, not being the brightest crayon in the box, where did you get the idea l would foolishly research anything you had in mind.

* I was commenting on Ivermectin, and it's uses. Get back to mixing your ivermectin with disinfectant.

* Don't forget to wash your hands fool, or does it matter at this point, you contaminated anyway!
farticus you can't even read a URL.
* Hey Fool. I see you running a thread about “ Planes being stuck at the Kabul airport” and putting the blame on Biden.

* Listen up clueless one. The Ex President of the United States, you know the guy you voted for “ Made a stupid deal with the Taliban” whereby our troops & Allies would vacate Afghanistan, remember that? Well we left as agreed upon.

* Well since we took off and have no military in the region, it goes back to attempting to “ hold the Taliban” to the agreement between the Taliban & Captain Chaos. Once again Trump’s dealings shows his incompetence. We cannot suddenly declare war on the Taliban because the foolish ex President of the United States thought he’s deal making skills would win the day, well look here.

* l keep telling you that Trump was an imbecile but you refused to listen.
* What makes you think l go to the sites you recommend me to look at?
We know you don't.
That's why we have to copy and paste everything for you.

In all seriousness. We're doing it for your benefit. But if you don't want to read it or watch it to educate yourself and would rather go thru life fat, dumb, and stupid, that's your choice.

So you just go ahead and get your booster shot whenever Fauci and the msm tells you to. And then the next one, and the next one, and then the one after that, and then the one after that. Untill you won't be able to take a piss without having to get a shot first.

But don't you worry about that. By then your body will be so f'ed up from all the spike proteins in the shots, and the resulting blood clots it won't matter.
I'll throw this out there.
That's 62% of people who get it

This one is about how Fauci, the FDA and the WHO all admit the PCR tests, which they were so insistent that we get, gave out false positve results.

Maybe you should look at them. They are what the media isn't telling you. You should ask yourself, why? There is plenty more. Don't be stubborn. It may save your life or your loved ones.

As the saying goes. A mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open.
You know that story about so many people overdosing on Ivermectin the hospital didn't have enough room for gun shot victims?

The hospital said it's all BS.

The FAKE NEWS strikes again!! And all the idiot democrats believed it. Along with all the other phony stuff they report. LOLOLOLOL.
farticus here you go, from your federal govenrment.

Highlight the link, go and learn something and STFU.
* Listen up clueless one. The Ex President of the United States, you know the guy you voted for � Made a stupid deal with the Taliban� whereby our troops & Allies would vacate Afghanistan, remember that? Well we left as agreed upon.
NG, No We Did Not. We were supposed to be out of there on March1st. The Time table then President Trump had set up, after a gradual withdrawal. It was Biden who lollygagged around until the end of August without any gradual withdrawal, just dropped the hammer and said get out. So stop blaming Trump, this withdrawal was BIdens period.
* You seem to be the only adult in the room Maddog, and you wrong.

*According to The Trump administration in February 2020 negotiated a withdrawal with the Taliban that excluded the Afghan government, freed 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and A SET A DATE CERTAIN OF MAY 1st FOR THE FINAL WITHDRAWAL.

* Biden delayed the May withdrawal.. Point being- Trump had a firm date in mind. The Mess that ensued at the airport and the evacuation all round is not totally Biden’s fault.

*The US surrendered back in Feb of 2020 with the signing of that agreement, According to McMaster’s One of Trump’s advisors.

* So call it what you want, yes the withdrawal was absolutely the worst, but the deal making was that No Americans would be shot as we pulled out. That seemed to have worked. Should the evacuations have been done earlier? Who knows, but appears so, the thing l read was that the President of Afghanistan thought panic would ensue if there was an exodus of Afghan’s leaving with Americans… turns out he was right considering the pics at the airport.

* l would point you to read the article entitled “ Timeline of U.S Withdrawal from Afghanistan. (

NG, I've read it, and It's nothing that was supposed to be done by this Inept SOB in the WH. The withdrawal was set, and Biden did not follow it. He knew when the withdrawal date was before he became President. so, he had (3) full months to start withdrawing, He never made any attempt to a gradual withdrawal. I don't care what anyone reads, This mess lays squarely on Biden's shoulders. Yes it was May 1st, I put March 1st, my mistake. Biden had roughly (2 1/2) months after the original withdrawal date to start another gradual withdrawal, HE DID NOT! PERIOD! Militarily it's just not done the way he did it. ???

Yeah, okay. One doesn't have to read too many of their posts to realize where their agenda lies. Especially concerning covid.
Every thing with them is, False, Baseless, Misleading, etc claims. The same exact words every other "fact checker" uses.

If you watch the msm networks, especially the first 5 or 6 minutes of their newscasts, every anchor / commentator on every station, in cities all across the country do the same thing. They all use the same exact words or phrase describing whatever the top story of the day is. Don't believe me. See for yourself.

MSM news networks and fact checkers both doing the same exact thing. WOW!! What a coincedence!!

* Great Monday morning quarterbacking. Funny how none of the folks on Both sides of the aisle mentioned ANY plan of any kind on HOW TO get our troops out of there. None, not Dems or Republicans. When Trump announced the " withdrawal of our Troops" from Afghanistan- not a single republican last year asked Trump or Pompeo " How."

* Both sides were silent UNTIL the airport Sh** Then we got the Republicans talking about " Impeachment BS" Where the F were these folks on Jan 6th? F'n silent, but just let Biden screw up Once, and the knives are out. The only sane head out there are present is Mitch who is saying " Impeachment is not happening." We airlifted over 100,000 individuals and not a single " kudo" for that effort.

* Lastly, you forgetting that the Military was the Hands on folks over there- Sure, Biden gave the order, but the folks on the ground were overwhelmed by the crowds,, so how about pointing your fingers at them as well, and if you are- don't stop there, where were the questions on Reagan when 241 Marines perished in one night on he's watch.

* We lost 13 service men there, which was bad, but we lost 33 servicemen or women in Trump's 1st year- silence on that.

* Hypocrisy never ends!
Two different situations NG. (1) we weren't withdrawing when Trump was president, we were still at war. A war in which President Trump never started, or have you forgotten? But it was Trump who brokered the withdrawal, NOBODY else. Who would you say is responsible for the 52,379 in Vietnam? This withdrawal by Biden Has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, so stop confusing the two.
ng   Are you sure you're on the right blog?

Because THIS blog is about Ivermectin and here you are shooting your mouth off about Afghanistan, impeachment, Jan 6 and the latest one, the Beirut barracks bombing.
Are you going to bring up Pearl Harbor next?

But you're just following your playbook again aren't you? When you can't respond to the current discussion, just change the subject.

I know it's difficult for you, but try and stick to the topic.

*As l said " Hypocrites."
farticus so tell us about the NIH studies, what do you think?? Oh yeah that's right, you STFU about that.
* You one of many who are incapable of thinking clearly.

* Dr fauci the nation’s top infectious disease official has been around for Decades battling diseases, you make it: AIDS, Ebola & now Covid and making sure that humanity is safe. He is no witch doctor as some of you will propose.

* Suddenly Covid comes around and he is challenged by an eye Dr- named Rand Paul, a wrestling coach- namely Jim Jordan and an incompetent Ex President.

*.. go ahead and finish my thought imbeciles.
So who says Fauci is such an expert? Fauci, the media, fact checkers?

If he's the #1 expert, there has to be a #2 or a #3 right? Who are they? Why have we not heard anything at all from them?
Are you going to answer that, or just change the subject?

Fauci doesn't care about you. He's a lieing SOB. It was all planned. I just posted a report on this.

* Who says: The American informed public that believes in science. The I’ll informed are easily manipulated.

* The only reason we have morons questioning the Dr is because this virus is “ New to all of us” even the delta variant, but oh no- incompetent President’s and other brown noses decided, we better attack the Dr because he ought to have “ all the answers.”

* Go back to your ivermectin & disinfectant & hope for the best.
* It’s like l said “ If you come down with Covid” and you have been taking ivermectin & been getting worse:

* Will you call the paramedics or crawl into bed and await the Grime reaper? If you call 911, my question is why?
Grime reaper? oh, wait that must the Grim reapers daddy! Haha, typo!

ng You are so freaking ignorant it's unbelieveable!!
Remember a few days ago you were running with the story about Ivermectin OD's in Oklahoma? All the MSM were screaming the story all day long for days. And YOU BELIEVED IT!!!

Guess what!! The HOSPITAL debunked it. Said it never happened, the Dr that said it hadn't worked there in over 2 months and they had ZERO Ivermectin od's.

How many times do I have to tell you that, cnn, & msnbc TELL people what to think? Do have to post the video AGAIN of Mika saying it?

WAKE UP!!! Stop believing every thing the msm tells you. They are LIEING!!

Meanwhile go get another death shot, I mean booster.

Does the Grim Reaper have kids now?   Grime Reaper? Or is it Grimy Reaper? How about Greasy Reaper? Reminds me of a song...
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