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Friday, May 4, 2018


This and That this week

Primed the drywall ceiling where I skinned back the popcorn that was loose [Kitchen, breakfast nook area]. When that dried I used one quart of popcorn mix that is applied by trowel or brush. Had about maybe close to six square feet to do. I used the trowel and brush both when I applied it. Came out a little thin on the popcorn pattern. Will need to get another quart to blend pattern to surrounding area better.

Had a bathroom ceiling with the popcorn coming down in spots also. About 35 square feet on that ceiling. Quite a large area coming down. We decided to remove all the popcorn in that bathroom ceiling. Yesterday I removed the popcorn skinning it off with a trowel. Most of the ceiling came off to the original drywall. The outside edges and screw head in the middle area where it had joint compound I could only skin off the popcorn marbles. Today I mixed up three pans of joint compound using maybe 2 1/2 quarts total. Skim coated the whole ceiling. I buy dry drywall taping compound in a bag that needs mixing with water and has a short drying time. Dry joint compound in a bag for mixing with water has a long shelf life when kept dry. Buy ready mix joint compound and do not use the whole bucket that ready mix compound will go sour on you. I can not remember how long I have had that dry joint compound bag. Good as the day I purchased it. Tomorrow I will touch sand the skim coat where needed and do touch up with joint compound where needed. From there I will put on the primer coat of paint. Later I will get a can of white ceiling paint for the bath ceiling. End up with a smooth ceiling.

That cat problem in the ground boxes. I have a bush in the front yard with leaves that have sharp thorny pointy ends so I nipped off enough of the branches on the bush to place on top of the ground boxes around the plants. While I was back there I seen a couple thorny vines and cut them off at ground level. Then I cut them long enough to fit around the plants in the ground boxes. That may discourage the cat if it steps on them thorns. I done that two or three days ago. Took a look see tonight when I watered the ground boxes and did not see any new digging going on. Of course I wore my welders gloves while handling that thorny stuff.Big Grin

Some of the tomato plants in the deck containers are starting to peek over the top of the short cages. The short cages only had about an eight inch diameter. May purchase a couple sheets of that concrete wire mesh in a day or two and build the cages with about a 13 inch diameter and slip them over the short cages. Giving me a cage about six feet tall. Most of the tomatoes I have grow that tall or higher.

See no further bug problems or disease since I dusted the plants last. Was getting brown spots on one tomato plant leaves at the bottom.

Seen one or two cuke seeds coming up in the cuke box where I transplanted seedlings I purchased a short time ago. The cuke seedlings are up to maybe four inches tall and leafing out.

That moisture meter I purchased awhile back works real nice. Know what needs water and what does not.

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