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Monday, October 23, 2017


Container garden [fungus & critters in soil heat treatment]

Seeing the containers and contents are portable rather than on the ground soil it may be simpler to do the heat treatment. I would not have hot enough outside temperature and enough direct sunlight before spring gardening season. I want to do it when the vegetables are done I have in them now.

I could purchase a metal tub like the old wash tubs and put the container mix in that depending on the size of the tub. Maybe put the tub in a three sided enclosure. Then I could put an electric space heater directing the heat to the tub and bring the container mix up to the required temperature and cook it for the length of time required . Be about the same thing as an oven without the door.

Maybe have a marshmallow roast for myself while I am tending to it.Green laugh

I think I have the fungus in the container mix that causes wilting also. The plants do have uncalled for wilting.
I also could possibly kill the fungus in the containers with heat. No doubt the wood container is contaminated also. Turn the container on the side and put an oven thermostat you set inside an oven to control the temperature. Direct the electric heater into the wood box and bring it up to temperature. 150 to 180 degrees maybe. Do not want to bring the container up to a combustion point. Probably would not hurt to get scorched a little.
I thought I remember reading somewhere if you scorch wood that it keeps critters away.
Figured out the wash tub oven this morning. The was tub is 14 inches across & 11 inches deep, 10 or 15 gallons I forgot which. Checked on supplies to make an oven. Get a couple inexpensive steel studs for the corners, 2 or 3 sheets of cement board and some self tapping metal stud screws.
Build the oven about 30x30x30 inches high. Have the three side plus the top and maybe a door on the top of one side leaving enough opening at the bottom to direct the heat in.
Set the tub on three cement blocks for legs so the heat will get underneath. Crank up the heat to about 150 degrees or there about. I had read a few days ago where they bake their starting mix in a household oven to sterilize it for about an hour or there about.
Get a probe thermostat and maybe a thermostat to set inside for air temp.
I already have a pair of welders gloves to handle the tub with and to stick the probe thermostat in the potting nix to make sure the inside temperature is up there.
I will find an article to see what a sterilization temperature is and how long to bake.

I will probably be building the oven and emptying the containers in January or February, Got to thinking about the inside of the container sterilizing with the heater. Maybe when I empty the containers I will start a fire inside of them with newspapers and cardboard that burns pretty quick. Get a good fire going and scorch the sides and bottom of the box.
I need a new electric heater for the back room where I sit and chew any how. Pick up a heater I can use for the oven and back room both. Just be out the cost of the oven and metal tub. Have the oven screwed together so I can dis assemble and tuck it away into a small space. May need to use it more than the initial baking of what I got any how.
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