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Friday, August 9, 2013


A New Conspiracy Theory: IRS Tea Party Targeting Helped Win The Election For Obama


A New Conspiracy Theory: IRS Tea Party Targeting Helped Win The Election For Obama

Of course targeting Tea Party groups had an influence on the election.
This new conspiracy theory is absurd...there are not enough tea partiers to sway the election of the POTUS. The vast majority of Americans could care less what the tea partiers has to say. They are delusional in their way of thinking about what is best for the American people. This is my opinion or comment not a debate.
Yeah, this kinda stuff is purely "filler" material. They're still harping over reasons why the (R) lost and it's right under their noses.
Grassroots organizing is absolutely vital to turning out the vote in Presidential Elections. The corruption of the IRS by Democrat operatives and it's use as a tool to hinder this process by those considered it's political adversaries tamped down the turnout of the same and altered the results of the election.

This was a stolen election and everybody knows it but the trolls who pretend to know what's going on based on propaganda from the perps and sound-bytes on comedy shows from whence they gain their delusional perspective.

It's easy to see why Democrats are called the low-information crowd. The reason they say ignorance is bliss is because they don't even know when they embarrass themselves. And our trolls must be in total bliss, not knowing when they absolutely humiliate themselves.

The Tea Party has no influence on elections just like Obamas Organizing For America had no influence on voter turnout.

And OFA is a tax exempt too.

Once republicans take over the white house they will put our agents in the IRS and start squeezing liberal balls.
Correction: liberals have no balls to squeeze.
Ignorance is Bliss.
When the shoe gets on the other foot, I wonder what the LoFo voters will say then? I fully expect them to do a 180 and say that the IRS is wrong to target "progressive" groups.

Life must be a bed of roses for these people and their sky is rose colored.
Good grief, people. The Democrats dealt with a stolen election when Bush won and all the baggage that came with it. He did his 8-year plan and now Ba-Ba is doing his. Both sides can claim stolen elections and rigged votes...neither side is, or, ever will be more holy than the other. Get over it. Republicans are just angry because the shoe is, in fact, on the other foot right now. You're supposed to hate and despise Democrats being in office. It's the name of the game.

Grass roots organizing is vital? True. About 8 million white votes didn't even bother in the 2012 elections, though. What happened? If ANYONE should've been there, it was them. Naw, they thought they had it all sewed up and just knew Ba-Ba was going down. I likes me some Michael Berry...seriously. He's done some very remarkable things for lots of folks...organized supplies for the town of West, organized a house refurbishment for a war vet which had his house vandalized, and many other things. He tells more truths than Sean and Rush combined...and he's down to earth.

Still pretty biased at times, but I understand him and why he is. He mentioned
recently that the Republicans run off the gays and lesbians which are lot of good votes. He's absolutely correct. He said Bush should've pulled out waaay sooner than he did. He was right. He said it was an "un-winnable" war..that's the word he used, not me. He says BOTH PARTIES are at fault and spend too much money...he's right.

All the while, we still have folks here wanting to point at only the (D) for the mess we're in. That's truly ignorant and embarrassing in every aspect.
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