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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Impeachment proceedings of President Obama

It will be a death warrant for the GOP. The senate will not impeach him.

Thunder will come down on the GOP big time. We all know that using past issues of Obama in the past. 

Let Obama carry on and let the people decide his polling fate. Angry citizens carry more weight than impeachment would.

People have a limit on how much Sh!t they will take before anger sets in.
Some people stand it until it reaches their ear lobes.
While the majority stand by, because they are afraid...!
I absolutely do not know how anyone who calls themselves American citizens could even think Obama should not be impeached!! I do not understand how any of our Congress - Dem. or Rep. can stand by and let him continue to ruin our great Nation! Every member of Congress took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America! Even Obama. Yet, he and those who help him in Congress are violating that oath you took! That is treason! Were they just words to you? What happened to you? How can you sleep at night? How can you let young American men & women fight for freedom even to the point of giving their lives for you only to betray them? How can you condone illegal aliens coming into the US, given free food, free housing, free medical, not have to work yet you make it harder and harder on the true Americans who want to work, the ones who pay your salary? How can you stand by and let innocent babies be hacked to death and say it is ok? How can you let a man be the leader of our country and not even be an American citizen? How can you not want to arrest/convict those responsible for the death of the Ambassador and the Navy Seals? How can you stand by and let the Obamas take million dollar vacations over and over again at the taxpayers expense when they both say we all should cut back on our expenses? How can you sit back and let him lie over and over again to us? How can you sit back and allow Christians to be persecuted and arrested for our beliefs (which founded this great Nation) yet the Muslims are free to do whatever they please? How can you allow him to give money to our enemy who turn around and use it against us? How can you let the IRS steal money from everyone and not put a stop to it? How can you not get rid of Obamacare when it has been proven it will ruin businesses and our country? Why should a government dictate to any person what Doctor to see, whether or not the patient receives treatment or not, who lives and who dies? And let the Muslims who Obama appointed to it, be the ones who decide???!!! How can you try to take away our means of protecting ourselves? What is wrong with you in Congress who think all of this is fine? We, the true American people are fed up with you and want answers! WE want him and his Administration impeached!!!!
The entire family should be arrested and imprisoned upon returning to the USA and made to pay back the monies spent on this last vacation rip off.

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