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Monday, April 8, 2013


You plantation voters

You be obedient to your slave master Obama. You are now Obama community property and you best do and follow his command as well as the commands of his field leaders.

He has put ya awl back in chains.

What you voted for may just leave a sour taste in your mouth. Plus leave scars of leg irons.

There is nothing humorous about slavery.
No their certainly is not. I wrote that blog entry blunt and to the point with no intentions of humor.
The way the liberals have come out of the woodwork it may be worth a second look on who one votes for.

We are community property? Bullsh!t.
only when you make racism an option
Funny how you two socialists didn't say a word when old dopey Joe said it.
What is it to you Deep Throat? You have a habit of sticking your SELF-RIGHTEOUS face in other people's business. Go F yourself hillbilly.
It's funny Ridge, how someone can comment, and then someone else chime in and start using sexual innuendo's and then vulgarity to demean and insult.
I guess that's how some people conduct their lives. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves with their own activity...
Sh!tface, you and deep throat have a lot in common...both of you are SELF-RIGHTEOUS and have your own perverted way you think people should act. Both of you are impotent losers. I suggest both of you bozos try to practice what you spew out to others. Idiots!
He's just a clown, DOG. Ignore him. You can see he's frustrated by what he calls us. And lately it seems to be mostly "impotent." As Shakespeare describes it: "Methinks he doth protest TOO much." Know what I'm sayin'? He's probably jealous of a stiff wind.

And he doesn't have the intellect to understand the issues or to know when he's had his ass handed to him. I almost get embarrassed for him sometimes, he makes such a complete @sshole out of himself.

He never contributes anything of value to the debate, just the same old lame, childish namecalling. That's why I have him blocked and I wish everybody else did too, so we, and especially the ladies, wouldn't have to listen to his foul mouth. He's just an arrogant, obnoxious airhead. And that's not to mention a gutless coward, a sniveling, boot-licking collaborator and a God-hating, America-hating traitor.

And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOG!
Comment by Tenaj - Yesterday, 11:57 pm
only when you make racism an option
Would you explain in more detail your comment.
Like I said before you two butt buddies are have the intellect of a jack-ass and is great in your own mind. Everyone knows that you two are frustrated with your miserable life and would like everyone to feel the same...but you don't have as many people as you think that agree with your very twisted and sick fact you can count them on one one wants to be part of your perverted world deep throat and sh!tface! Both of you can go to hell and be with your father the devil.
LOL, if only you knew how you describe yourself and your shortcomings and frustrations, LilPeeWee. This is what I meant when I said you embarrass yourself.

You put yourself on display for everyone to see what an uneducated, backward, creepy little guy you are. Rave on like the uneducated little moron you are now, little PeeWee with the Napoleon Complex, I won't be responding anymore. You bore me.

You should have gone past the 6th grade if you wanted to converse with adults.

Now beat it, punk.
Deep Throat you and Sh!tface belong together. Both of you are uneducated hillbillies. If you all only knew how asinine you sound when you all try to ellaborate on any subject, you would quit commenting. But for you two...ignorance is bliss! Neither one of you is on my level...I have forgotten more than you and your partner will ever know. Both of you are old farts with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana. Your wives left both of you and your children disown you. You both are bitter and it shows when you both attack someone for their opinion. You may think it is going unnoticed, but it is not. Both of you are memorized on the threads...I will compare yours to mine anyday deep throat and sh!tface. Now go do what you two do best..GFEO
Jap69 you are truly ignorant. I feel sorry for you.
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