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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Looks like they got the shooter

From the very start of this the police have been in full mode to get him.

But no immediate response to protect Benghazi.

We all can forget about the 3 AM phone call as it looks like they will ignore it until their convenience.

glad they got him, we will never know the truth, those responsible are protected by the people they pay off.
He shouldn't have killed people. What he did and how he did it was all sides of wrong.
At 8:59 PM, Tenaj said...
I agree.
Glad you've come to your senses janet.
Most Democrats were making him out to be some kind of loveable folk hero.
He was a coldblooded, ruthless, psychopathic killer.
When I think of him I think of that young girl he brutally murdered who had absolutely NOTHING to do with any of his issues.
it is not confirmed yet no one has entered the burned building yet. don't believe everything you read or hear jeeseeee
stop trolling me Ridge.
He dayd. They Waco'd his a$$. They had a barbie on the mountain. They kilt him like they kilt the people at Waco. Wayco to go, I wonder if the fire chief will make a full investigation of how and where the fire started? Yet his driver's license was readable hmmmmmmmmmm.
I don't condone what Dorner did but they executed him, by fire, or by drone, or by hail of bullets they were going to kill him, no trial no biggie no more LAPD brutality re investigation, nothing to see here.

"Given the ammunition inside the cabin, LAPD officers knew that the tear gas would lead to a fire and instead of waiting it out, chose instead to carry out a summary execution. That’s not to excuse the actions of Dorner, but the fact that police now view burning people to death as a reasonable way to apprehend a suspect is shocking."
We don't know what REALLY happened, do we? In this age of universal deceit, it's best to believe nothing you are told by a lying media and govt. The official story is never the true one.

jarasan, I guess the LAPD figured since he had killed so many of them and others "what does it matter which way you kill a snake"
when the cops killed Joseph C. "Joe" Palczynski first they doped him then the busted through a window and shot him to death while he laid asleep. Of course the cops said otherwise but the whole thing played out on TV as soon as they broke the window the cop unloaded on him with his ar15.
"which way you kill a snake" ???? wrote tenaj.

It figures you write something like that, janet.   Your written statement clearly illustrates how little you understand about the laws that made this country great, and how easily the people like yourself accept the summary execution of a US citizen.

People are celebrating his execution, hopefully the bell shall not toll for thee or others executed in haste. They are justifying this execution as we know making it OK..

The police are not the judge, jury and executioner. This is how fascism know killing people with no trial or jury and the proletariat cheering it on.

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