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Friday, November 22, 2013


Nuclear Option: a Naked Power Grab to Swing US Courts Far-Left


Nuclear Option: a Naked Power Grab to Swing US Courts Far-Left

In addition, he will regulate business and individual rights into oblivion. The regulatory process is reviewed by the DC Court of Appeals and he is tilting the balance far-left. Mr. Obama is using the regulatory process to force through his statist government.



Topic related article:

Obama Nominates Radical-Leftist to the US Court of Appeals

She is seen by colleagues who have worked with her as the most left-wing appointee to the court in the history of the Republic.

This is what you get when the evil ones are given free rein through manipulation of the lazy, greedy, stupid ones.
And make no mistake, it will be the end of us.
And then the suffering begins.
Suffering unlike anything the world has ever seen.
I guess ,it's ok to have courts ran by Conservatives and now since this President has been elected and re-elected he don't have a right like the rest of the President of this country, to do his judicial appointment , because some crackpot Tea Party or Pubs say they don't like him , so he don't do his job and appoint the judges to the courts . Who's trying to change things, it sure in the hell isn't Obama. They need to get off their lazy over paid a$$es and do the job they was sent there to do . What a da*n group of a$$holes that's always complaining about government ,but however they lie, cheat,steal,and take bribes to be a member of this bad thing call government. It make you think about people who will join the one thing they so loath. I made this same statement to my class today and their response was as mine's, not for the people but for greed and to advance their own agenda. These are my truths.;)
Just remember weezy, if the repubs win the next election, the power grab law is in place, side eye, wide eye, lmfao.....Bruuuhahahahahahaha
Comment by lilluv - Today, 4:15 pm
Ask your class or classmates if judges should rule by constitutional law. The judges up for appointment have questionable characteristics which go against American principles.
How would you feel about appointing Kim Jung Un to the court?
demoncRATS what did you expect?
Democrats have shown that they have no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution. They want complete and total power and control with no chance of ever losing it again.

This outrage gives the good, decent people of this country the right to fight fire with fire. And it gives them the right, through their representatives, to overturn everything the Democrats are doing now to usurp the will of the people, trash the Constitution and nullify the legitimacy of our entire government.

This will not stand. Believe that.

Hey sully,
Don't forget evil eye.
That's how satan's baby-killers and sodomites see the world.
Through an evil eye.
Welp, at least the truth has come out for everyone to see and believe now.
The good people have known it for a long time now.
In their heart of hearts, liberals are just fascists waiting for a chance to grab and consolidate power.
Now the truth is out.
And nobody can deny it.
Empty cans make the most noise.
Exactly Ridge.
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