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Friday, October 4, 2013


How is that free health care working out

I thought so.

Free health care?
Is that the hopey changey thing we've been waiting for?
Is that the thing that's going to get us out of this mess?
Why has the country gone to the dogs the last 4 years?
Didn't he say things were gonna get way better?
Then why does everything just keep getting worse?
I don't get it!
Lets see they had 11,000 sign up in Arkansas but it turns out there were 4,000 who signed up twice, and another 1,000 who tried to go back again because they found out Opie was giving away new phones...       sad.
Lets see again, Just like Hopey and Changey...!
Well I just got my official letter today stating that I am a victim of the Democrats "Operation Ruin the Nation".

I have had my health insurance since 1999 and just got the Chuck You Farley letter saying that my insurance (which Obama said I could keep) is ending as of December 31 because of the health care reform law.

Pardon my french but those f*cking f*ckers f*ucking f*cked me!

I was an Independent and have voted for several different parties but I guess Obama and Reid have made my choice for me....Nie Wieder!
Four or five days is not enough time to determine whether something will work. Just because you wish its failure does not mean it will happen.
A failing mess.
A self inflicting crisis on the American people.
I really don't understand why Obama and Reid are picking on me. What did I do to them?

Let me see...I was not eligible for the cash for clunkers even though I have a clunker that gets 17mpg -that was too high for Obama to let me have cash to replace it.
I did not negligently borrow more money than I could afford to buy a house so I have no house and no mortgage to get reduced payments on .
I had health insurance but Obama did not approve of it so it is being canceled just because Obama doesn't like it and I just checked and it is going to cost $308 more per month than it costs for my current plan...and the coverage is going to be worse.

I don't even ask anymore how I am going to be screwed next...I just know I am.

Now would be a good time for my jackpot hit....sigh
I'll be losing my insurance which was affordable.
I don't believe all you elderly people will be affected that much , just calm down and start talking to someone who will let you know and show you that cost will be less and there 's help too if you can't afford it. But from reading some of you and do mean(reading) you are not being honest you definitely can keep your own insurance if it's working for you .The same fear mongering and panic was going on when social security and Medicare was put in place ,even by your hero Ronnie Reagan some of you was there during the time and know what I am saying ,I watch him on video fear mongering how terrible going to be and see what happen now you don't want to give up your Medicare. "Obama keep his hand off your Medicare and Social Security". Settle down folks world isn't ending :).
@liluv stop being a know-it-all cretin. I have a G0d d@mn letter from my insurance company stating "The health care reform law is changing America's health insurance system. As a result your health plan will be closing on December 31,2013. To find out about your health insurance options, call our Activation Center to speak with a Health Plan Advisor..."

I did and I will be paying more with less coverage. Now stop acting like you know everything and everyones individual situation. STFU go away and stop inferring that I am a liar!
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