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Friday, June 29, 2012


Pelosi Bashes the Uninsured: 'Free Riders'

Pelosi Bashes the Uninsured: 'Free Riders'

She was hollering to get Obamacare passed all these millions of uninsured were the people the bill would help.

you still don't understand what was going on.some people making over 30 thousand dollars a year were getting sick,then going to a treatment place,saying i don't have insurance.the treatment place automatically bills the government for medicaid paid by if they do that,the penalty/fine/tax will help pay some of the costs to taxpayers.
All the while counting dollars, our dollars, they have been exposed for the frauds they are.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 11:28 pm
But the way I understood the debate and millions of uninsured were going to get free health care when it passed. 12 million immigrants, those citizens without insurance.
NOW THEY ALL HAVE TO PAY. Is that what I understand the new attack by Pelosi of the free riders mean.
Thats billing fraud, in the other blog I explained, my brother got hurt, was denied medicaid because of his income, he had to pay his own medical bill.
Comment by sully16 - Today, 11:47 pm
Thats what I thought sully about means testing to receive medicaid.
Those that scorpio mentioned who had no insurance but automatically was billed to medicaid should have been means tested.
Years ago my brother in law, racked up big medical bills from a motorcycle accident, no insurance, they garnished his wages, once upon a time people had to pay their bills. just like you have to pay for anything else.
Thats why I get so angry over the welfare fraud, the system is so clogged, that they don't have enough people to investigate, you want it, you lie, you get it, we have people here who will tell you how to get fake birth certs and collect for kids who don;t exist.
I don't want higher medical costs passed on to me because of deadbeats, but Obamacare is not the answer, their are 21 taxes worked into that bill, thats nuts.
I work with many who refuse to get health insurance through our work, 5.95 a week, for basic stuff, thats cheap,
My husband has top of the line , medical, dental, optical, life on all three of us, almost 80 a week comes out of his check, plus the company pays part, and we have co-pays, meds are cheap.
With obama care, my husbands company will not be able to offer the higher cost for less coverage.
What do you do, pay the fine, or keep coverage and lay people off.
Seems they need to deal with the deadbeats, instead of making us all pay.
Most hospitals and doctors will work out a reasonable billing schedule.
The free riders, send them home and they can come here the right way.
Stop rewarding people for bad choices and watch how many people take care not to make bad choices.
Accidents happen, you have to be responsible for yourself.
Stop rewarding people for bad choices and watch how many people ... vote for your opponent in the next election. ;-)
at least now it will be handled through the taxation department.
Free Riders? I would define this as "any member of the legislature" those receiving taxpayer dollars to pay for their personal medical and insurance coverage without regarding for the working man, the tax payer!

weather forecast for the 4th.sunny in 80's,50's at night here,30% chance of rain,but of course that can change.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 9:36 am
But this taxation is defined to be paid as a purchase of a product wether you earn income or not. If you have no wages coming in you are paying for the purchase of the product as a tax from your assests.
If you do not pay for the product for lack of funds you are then required to pay a penalty for not paying the tax to purchase the product.

The white house is now trying to avoid the word taxation on the health care purchase as a tax when purchasing the product.
You are paying the insurance company the tax but the gov't is collecting the penalty for not purchasing the product.
In order to make the health care insurance mandatory the premium has been declared a tax
if one has no income,then he can get medicaid,no problem.if he has income over 30,000 dollars a year,and says he doesn't have insurance,now he will be denied medicaid,and fined/taxed if doesn't get some health insurance=no more freeloaders paid by taxpayers.
Only if the State accepts Federal monies for the program. Otherwise nothing is going to happen to the individual except run his own guidelines with the State to see if he is eligible..
I see a lot of States that are not going to accept Obamacare and if it continues it will virtually make it useless..    Yippee...!
To be totally honest with you, I think Pelosi has taken way too many Botox needles to the LEFT side of the brain..
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