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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Former Massachusetts Gov. W. Mitt Romney left mixed legacy in Bay State


Former Massachusetts Gov. W. Mitt Romney left mixed legacy in Bay State

In 2003, Republicans held six state Senate seats and 23 seats in the state House of Representatives. Four years later, when Romney departed office, there were five Republican senators and 19 house members. Now, there are four Senate Republicans and 33 in the House.

Obama had the white house, dem controlled house, dem controlled senate for 2 years and could not get anything done to turn the country to the better.
If Bushs' policies were so bad he had 2 years to undo those bad policies. Nothing.
6 billion dollars did not even help.
Obama is a one of a kind who is for the agenda of one. His.
correct that to 6 trillion.

Obama is the Master of Disaster.
It'll be a good riddance vote in November.
He had control of his own destiny and Blew it...!
This is what happens when you focus on one thing,   yourself...!
you guys are missing the point,this topic is about romneys'screwups in massachuesetts,or cannot you read.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 2:02 pm
It is political candidate comparison during a debate among commentors.
Who said this, who said that, the challenges, obstructions and opportunities a candidate has or had.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 2:02 pmyou guys are missing the point,this topic is about romneys'screwups in massachuesetts,or cannot you read.
Screwups in Mass?
What caused a lot of screwups? The democrats he was up against from what I read in the article and between the lines.
Can not accomplish a lot when the dems had veto power according to the article.
romney will not work as he wants to take us back to reagon era.trickle down economics equals most getting small pieces of the cake,while wealthy get big hunks of cake.then clinton who leveled the field and helped all.obama is trying to do this but the republican house stops him as it would help him look good.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 2:59 pm
Obama has dreams of creating a Utopia in the United States as well as anywhere else he can get it. Not going to happen.
Wages and prices have always been a problem to balance. The higher the minimum wage the higher income earners want more so in the end nothing is gained except higher prices. Lived thru that cycle for 60 years earning wages. Lower wage earners have lost ground on purchasing power.
Yeah trickle down economics don't work for leech lazy on the govt. dole types. You gotta work to make dat money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fools!!!!!!!!!!
republicans will be leaping off the tops of tall skyscrapers after november,as they are fooling themselves now,if they think romney has any chance!
No, Republicans will be taking their money out of the system, so ding dong can't take anymore of it.
401ks and retirement accounts will come flying out of the markets.
Then Obama will insist the free lunch crowd go to work. and pay those taxes, the life of lazy will come to a screeching A** halt.
there you go again sulky,wrong as usual.401k's have already come out.the free lunch crowd are the big business shauffer driven nobodys who are following a dream,that they are 1%ers,or wannabe's.
troll#4 you are also smoking troll dung! How do you do it? Being so smart and trollish at the same time.
Gov't regulations on buisness's is what is killing the economy.
Buisness's are scared to invest and people are scared to spend.
JAP69 Obama's fascists have created an extremely uncertain future with HR3926 and the past 20 years of govt. regulations have put the fear of God into innovation and progress by those who would otherwise have done so more readily in the past. Even now they are wanting to kill the internet by seizing it and taxing it, all this sh1t must end.
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