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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Draft Hillary Clinton for President 2012 Petition

Hillary 2012
Help the petition drive before the dem convention.
Give America the best you got Dems.
Get rid of this community organizer bully.
Would be a couple of steps up from what we have, but not much...
Stay out of the Democrats business ,we don't need any help from people that vote lock and step whether it's good for America or not ,from day one voting against the American People for their own political gain.Unpatriotic ,now that the President has set forth a stay to not deporting young Latinos that has been here for all their life. Old stiff neck is back peddling as we expected from someone that will go what ever way wind blows or what ever way the vote are. So you should be drafting someone with more credibility.Now!
At 9:41 AM, louise black said...
Stay out of the Democrats business ,we don't need any help from people that vote lock and step whether it's good for America or not ,
I have stated before in blog entries or comments that I have voted other parties in the past.
I just may vote for Hllary if I feel she is a better candidate than Mitt. I stated that I feel Mitt is liberal leaning on some policies anyhow.

I have also stated I am not against all liberal policies.
Louise, what happens in this country is everyones business, obungloid and company are destroying this country, stripping us our our freedom, our religion, and as much of our money they can get their hands on,
enough is enough, he's got to go, plankton could do a better job.
Jap69, are you holding out ? what make you think she will be the candidate for the Dems when we already have some one ,which is a sitting President! Now! what gives.
just another trick by the republicans to divide us.
Sully ,when speaking about the President why do you keep saying words like :obungoid and Obungle,would that have anything to do with jungle.I want to know those words keep being thrown around.Curious to know! it peak my curiosity!
Nobody is trying to divide anyone delusional one.
You as a individual are already divided and delusional and lost somewhere in the 40's
Do something to make someone smile today Pion..!
Louise, if I may.
What I think Sully is saying by obungoid and Obungle is that Obama has bungled this Presidency and America in general.   Botched , Bungled , and others have no bearing or meaning on the Jungle. Try your hardest to NOT make something that isn't there.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 10:23 amjust another trick by the republicans to divide us.
Could be my Dem leaning posted draft Hillary in all seriousness.

Comment by louise black - Today, 10:18 amJap69, are you holding out ? what make you think she will be the candidate for the Dems when we already have some one ,which is a sitting President! Now! what gives.
Bill has been laying the groundwork for us.
Maddogs right louise, he bungles everything he does, by the way, my sister in law is more black then him, to refer to him in a unkind racial way is to insult my brother, his wife, their 3 kids and her whole family, ( republicans by the way ), don't care what color he is, he's an idiot.
You have no problem being disrepectful of the other parties people, so condemn us for doing the same thing you do.
maddydog,it's pee on,the word all you republicans use towards your 99ers in show disrespect for your fellow americans just like the congess house does.intimidation tactics went out with vietnam,didn't work then,and not now!
I have to admit, I'm glad she's not the nominee. She'd stand a good chance of defeating Romney.
Obama hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell.
Scorpio said:
Really? Please tell us how republicans could talk her into running against Romney?
You couldn't support her anyway, scorpio.
Because anybody who does will be a racist.
And we can't have that now, can we?
Don't wanna be a racist, now.
I'm going to sign the petition to get Hillary to run just to help you guys out, scorpio.
there you go again dividing people instead of joining,supporting .simple,she could run against romney in 2016,when he has a chance,unless she ran.
Scorpio the obumbums and their crazy spending spree are coming to a close, he's done....he doesn't have a chance.

sully,he might not win in your area of michigan,but where the majority lives he'll win,if you all don't discourage everyone from voting.if you do,they'll be worse off under romney,including,medicare,ss,blacks,orientals,women,spanish,etc.
Romney is not going to do anything to hurt anyone.
I bet you have not listened to that man speak once, your going on tabloid non-sense.
that's the problem sully,we had him in massachusetts once as govenor,when i worked in a boston va hospital.never again!
Comment by rdgrnr - Today, 1:43 pmI'm going to sign the petition to get Hillary to run just to help you guys out, scorpio.
Operation chaos??????????????????
women votes galore!
Yeah, I remember Operation Chaos, JAP. Heh,heh,heh...
I got an Operation Chaos T shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It rocks I might have to do a photo shoot of MOI for MOI blog, with it on! Front and back! yeah baby! Operation Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EIB EIB EIB EIB EIB EIB EIB 4 MORE EIB'S EIB EIB EIB EIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do it, JAP, that'd be cool.
Al G. Plankton 2012, FTW!!
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