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Monday, May 7, 2012


Unemployed, no unemployment benefits, looking for work, go to unemployment office


I made a comment this past week here at lottery post about the unemployment figures.
I stated along the lines that people who have run out of unemployment benefits or seeking work need to all go to the unemployment office and apply for available jobs. This way they are put back into the system as being unemployed to be counted in the monthly figures. Who knows they may find a job too.
Well I was just listening to Rush by chance for a few minutes and caught the conversation of a caller Rush was speaking with. The caller was speaking on the same subject as I commented about being counted. From what I heard Rush was under the impression you had to be collecting unemployment benefits to go to the unemployment office to seek work. You do not as I understand it.
When I came to S.C. in the early 90s I went to the unemployment office even though I was not collecting unemployment  to file my paper work to be put in the data base as seeking work. I did find a job too.
So someone had the same idea to bring these unemployed figures up where they should be.
At least it got on national radio for the idea to spread.

excellent idea. i am going to have to look into the parameters of eligibility for that in our area. there are any number of unemployed around here that could really swell the numbers (not to mention scare some statisticians)
Bush and his RepubliCon Congress passed the Patriot Act and added the huge Government Bureaucracy known as Dept.of Homeland(fatherland)Security and establishing the Airport search Procedures sully16 whines about.
Bush put an end date on the Patriot Act.
Obama and his democRAT CONgress enhanced, reinforced and extended the Patriot Act.
So how's this hopey changey thingy workin' out for ya so far, booby?
Especially now that Gitmo is closed and all Obama's meetings are held in the open and broadcast on C-Span?
And since the deficit is gone and the debt is being paid down and the economy is booming and spending has been cut?
It's kinda like being in heaven here now, ain't it?
I'm glad he kept all those promises, ain't you?
Yeah, I'm glad he's not a liar. How about you?
No doubt about it!
The democrat party may go down in history with the dinosaurs. EXTINCT
rdgrnr left out the Bush and Republican establishment of the Huge Big Government Bureaucracy The dept.Of Homeland (fatherland,sig heil)
Security still operating doing the same job as the FBI,CIA,state and local police,etc. with many thousands of New Big Government employees being paid well with Government provided benefits.
So much for the RepubliCON Mantra of small government!
Obama for President! The New # 1!
Hey bobbya!
If it was all Bushs fault for what is going on what legislation has Obama presented or congress presented and passed to reverse Bushs fault?
The dems had the white house and both houses of congress for two years to put bills thru to reverse bushs fault. If they could pass the health bill they could have passed anything.

Yes bob, but obama put the x-ray macines in, he had a chance to do away with law and re-signed it.
I don't have a problem with a metal detector or even with profiling, I do have a problem with the amount of radiation everyone is being exposed to and the tsa agents, searching in every spot they can find, especially children. They are confiscationg our possesions without compensation.,I never heard of anyone being attacked with frickin tweezers.
   not to mention, they search us, they don't search people coming into this country, why? not every airport in the world has goofy procedures like our. and why do they continue to let illegals run into our country, we don't know where they are really from, IT IS NOT OKAY TO TREAT AMERICANS LIKE GARBAGE, WHILE THE REAL GARBAGE SNEAKS RIGHT IN.
I think anyone, who put their hands on a kid, well....let your imagination run wild.
I think booby likes getting felt up at the airport by some fellow liberal guy.
Why else would he support Obama's policies that give us theTSA?

TSA Totally Stupid A$$ho1e$.
very few listen to the nazi limbaugh.bush started two wars and made all the employment in the south to support military.government paid employees by tax payers,good jobs for them.everyone else works two jobs,quickstops,etc. to survive with familys,a lot of them women.people on unemployment,medicaid,medicare share in the tax payers money too.
Bush and Obama are two sides of the same coin. Both are guilty of the same crimes. What Bush started, Obama continued. The only differences between them are purely cosmetic, but these cosmetic differences are what the media highlights for its mind-washed audience to make them THINK one is better than the other. Get off the Kool-Aid folks, time is running out.
Bush had a Republican House and Senate for 6 years and he only vetoed one bill.The stem cell research bill that could have led to a possible cure for many debilitating diseases.
He signed every spending bill they passed as well as 3 tax cuts that mostly went to the rich that led the country into The Great Recession we are still in while on his way to doubling the National debt from 5 trillion to over 10 trillion in just 6 years because he didn't pay for his 2 wars or tax cuts and the taxpayers are still paying for the Republican incompetence in government.
Republicans with a Willard Romney in the white house will do to America what Sarkozy did to France and CVONservative governance has done to the European Union.
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