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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Obamas white house at it again, threatens to throw medicare off the cliff


Now tell me how medicare managed their affairs before the health bill was put into law?
Pres O is playing the blame game again.
Pres O is intentionaly going to throw medicare under the bus for revenge if part or all of the health bill is struck down.
The republicans can really burn him good with some campaign ads and speeches on this. The republicans should jump right on this before the supreme court decision comes down one way or the other.
Looks like it is going to be a busy week in political land.
So what happen here? Must be he has some inside moles in the supreme court on how the decisions are going back and forth with the supremes.
By the white house sending this to the supreme court sure gives an indication the health law could be struck down.
Maybe his moles called him for backup arguments.
This is court intimidation pure and simple.
Another scare tactic by this admin.
It only shows it doesn't have the guts to accept defeat...!
I do not think defeat is in Os vocabulary. He will do every thing possible to remove the barriers to achieve his goal.
if the wealthy will not pay their tax share,he has to do something.
Comment by scorpio - Today, 10:16 am
if the wealthy will not pay their tax share,he has to do something.
Listen Scorpio, this has nothing to do with taxes, except for bammy trying to put the burden back on the tax payers, yes even the rich.
Bammy has taken this country's programs and doubled it's outcome on taxpayers, why can't you see past your nose on this?
You comment on bammy as though he's a saint of some kind, when in reallity he's nothing more than a Jr.Senator and his actions in 3 1/2 years prove that. What he advocates, will be your eventual downfall, mark my word....!
The wealthy pay MOST of the taxes in this country.
The lower 47% of income earners don't pay any income tax at all.
So WTF are you talking about?
Or do you just like to whine?
Fair share can work its way to the bottom too.
It is also a matter of self dependency too. This idea that people need 50 thou in income to survive are full of it. I know the figures on what it takes to survive with no debt above living costs.
Anyone in the lower income brackets could qualify for medicaid for their needs. So this health insurance bill is a crock. Does it say in the health bill that medicaid is going to cease to exist and they will be given a health insurance policy for free instead?
I have looked at the various states charts for qualifications needed for different programs.
Yeah! The Ryan Plan will Do Nothing to Medicare and/or Social Security.NOT!
Seniors alone currently on Medicare under Ryans plan will pay on average $2,500 a year more than they do now.
Vouchers! a Joke!
1 voucher per year and 1 hospital stay wipes it out and their life savings as well.
bobbya, Could you post the links about the Ryan plan so we can look at the facts.
I notice liberals like to post statements with no facts to back them up.
Whats this voucher statement you are making. The way you are stating it the vouchers are to be used to pay the hospital or doctor.
Look up the Ryan Plan Yourself.
You do know how to Google don't you?
I notice CONservatives are intellectually lazy and want others to do their research for them. I do my own!
Yeah, you do your own research alright.
On the leftwing-loon hate-sites.
That's why everything you say is wrong.
Does rdgrnr stand for"Regurgitated Dead Game Regurgitated Not Road"?
When A CONservative RepugnantCon like rdgrnr can't argue a point that,unlike him,has braincells left for thinking,they ALWAYS resort to Name Calling!
bobbya, you don't do your own research, you still haven't told us how you feel about all the constitutional rights you have lost, if you truly did research, you would ponder what both sides have to say, you cannot provide proof or talking points on anything. By the way did you like the song I wrote for you.
sully16,I asked you a couple of days ago what Constitutional Rights you have lost and you have yet to answer.
As far as you song goes! Stick to what you do best. LIE!
sully16,I asked you a couple of days ago what Constitutional Rights you have lost and you have yet to answer.
As far as your song goes! Stick to what you do best. LIE!
go back and look again, or don't you realize the laws I provided you with and how they correlate to each Amendment, Jap gave you a link, didn't you even go look?
You mister research, just saying, I guy like you ,mister research, most certainly would have went and looked.
You hurt my feelings bob, no more songs for you.
maybe a poem, will see.
sully16,When are you going to tell me yourself what Constitutional Right under President Obama you have lost as you previously claimed?
It's NOT a hard question!
No it's a lot of typing, you being Mr. research, I thought you could have figured it out your self.
Now since I have to do all this typing I hope you pay close attention, and your not getting a poem either, actually this may take several hours, because it's that long, so bear with me if I need a break, you wanted it , you got it
Next page
1ST Amendement
     Establishement clause , Free exercise clause, Freedom of speech, of the press ans assembly right to petition
     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting of the free exercise there of, or abridging the freedom of speech , or the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble for petition the government for redress of grievances.

Now Bobby, lets see if we can find some violations
Oh thats right the law obungle just sighed
HR 347 Tresspass law for the implementation of sections 1021 and 1022 and The National Defense Authorization act , Will get to that law in a minute )
No citizen shall speak out against the government in the presence of the secret service. wow, that a biggy Bob, since we have no way of knowing where the secret service is, I guess we aren't allowed to complain at all, even though it's our right.
    Now lets define the National Defense Authorization act with sections 1021 and 1022, the military arrests and indefinite detention of american citizens without due process of the law.   No phone call, no laywer, no jury trial....get the drift, our annointed gave this power to himself. seems like we have many of our bill of rights taken away with just these 2 laws. will get to those later
     let's see if we can find any other violations to our 1st amendment
Freedom of religion, wow, you mean like forcing Catholic hospitals to forgo their beliefs due to a federal health care law
which by the way is against the constitution, you cannot force people to purchase something through a 3rd party, then threaten them with prosecution of criminal activity if they don't comply. Thats called blackmail, that to is illegal.
Now how about freedom of the press, thats when you send government paid for and controlled media sources to drown out , oh lets say , people like Rush .
Or maybe when you try to controll a media outlet like the internet,
I am sure there is more, maybe someone can chime in on the 1st amendemnt issues. I still have 20 amendments to go, since Mr. RESEARCH NEEDS PROOF FROM ME.
I think I posted a topic in my blog not too long ago about the health care bill.
It involves purchasing health care. When you purchase a policy you need to sign it as a contract between you and the insurance co.
Now with the health care bill if you do not purchase a health care policy you will be fined and or penalized for not purchasing it.
In the end you are coerced into signing the health care policy by the gov't.
2 Amendment, My favorite, THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.
You know Bob, I feel we are closer now, so I don't mind telling you, I would like to learn to use a colt python, it's the .357 Rick Grimes uses in the show the walking dead, it's just the coolest , but for now, I'll stick with the .32 winchester special, yes complete with lever action, it was my grand dads, he left it to me, you know what I am afraid of at night Bob, NOT A   THING With mr .32 around.

Well, now on to Cass Sunstein, this little weiner was apponted czar, by bammy, he does love those Russian words, His job is to have our 2nd right taken away from us, only the NRA IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.
Bob, where are we if we can't defend ourselves, I grew up in Detroit, takes the po-po hours to show up, even if they show up at all,
And Bob, we were also taught to hunt,skin and cook wild meat, now for some reason theres a food shortage, guess who will be eating, yep, the people with hunting skills, and guess what else, won't be easy to take that food away.
Good work, sully.
Where did the boob go though?
All I hear is crickets...
Now Bob, on to the 4th Amendment and for Petes sake pay attention to this one, we will be covering a lot of ground here, your lucky I am in such a generous mood.
Oh correction, theres 26 amendments, sorry typo.
4TH Amendment -Protection from UNREASONALBLE SEARCH AND SEIZURE, Told ya this was a biggy.
     The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, an no warrent shall be issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particulary describing the persons or thing seized.
Wow, lets refer back to the National Defense authorization act, the hr347 Trespass law for sections 1021 and 1022 and lets add the newest law, Executive order national Defense resousres Preparedness act. which allows the government to borrow, all Us RESOURSES, PEOPLE, PROPERTY, MONEY,
This is also a violation of the 13th Amendment, you know that little slavery one.
I just know you can't wait to see how else we lost this right, did you say ....yep you guessed it, those illegal searches and seizures at the airport.
Now when we go to the aiport, have we been indicted by a grand jury, no, yet we are searched and any belongings the government doesn't like are taken away from us without compensation.
Now you have already expressed that 9-11 was a bush lie, so you can't use the terrorist excuse to defend bammy illegally searching us, while at the same time allowing so many illegals and drug dealers to run across our border freely. WTF, When did families going to disney land become the criminals ?
well bob we'll get to the rest later, cause theres a bunch, but I need to rest my pretty brown eyes.
Booby said: "Does rdgrnr stand for"Regurgitated Dead Game Regurgitated Not Road"?

That was absolutely brilliant boob. I just wanted to make sure everyone saw how intelligent you are.
Are you related to scorpio by any chance?
No need to worry Rdgrnr/ Sully, All you have to do is look down, he's the brightest TURD in the drain.
Whoops there he goes.
He is truly the southbound end of a northbound mule. Oh wait he's trying to switch, Whoops there he is...!   Whoooooosh.
Yes fellas, it's amazing how bob vanished,
Okay Bob, I am well rested we can continue, I must warn you today is Family day, we are going to the zoo, so after I finish with the 4th Amendment, I'll be back later to start the 5th.
    Okay, now we know the the new laws and the baffoons searching us at the airport are in direct violations of our rights, lets discuss the tsa agents and the x-ray machines.

   Yep that was your hero who had the x-ray machines installed at the airports, a member of his cabinet has a family member who owns the company, I can't remember who, but as soon as I remember, I'll be happy to rub it in your face, not to mention most everyone in o's administration has stock in this company, isn't it ironic how o's admin wants everyone to hate the rich and at the same time they are watching the dough roll in? yikes.
     Now lets talk about x-rays, did you ever notice how the nurse hides behind a lead wall when you get one at the doctors office, or even when you get a dental x-ray, constant low does of radiation is just as dangerous as a single high dose, why would a government who wants to keep us safe expose us to radiation over and over again?
     Do you even know what radiation poison does to your body? How about those tsa agents who spend their whole shift, day after day, week after week, being exposed.
     Being the kind of caring guy you are, you have to wonder what it's doing to their reproductive organs? These people are going to give birth to mutants , 3 ears and 1 f*ucking eyeball Bob. we'll call these mutants pelosoids,
   Skin rash , hair and tooth lose, cancer of the thyroid, then a very painful death, wow, does that seem fun to you,?
These agents won't live long enough to collect the pensions they have been promised, and their pelosoids will be imbeciles, think about this bob.
Now on to the agents themselves, they are conditioning us to march single file and follow orders, they themselves have been conditioned to ignore our constitutional, civil, and human rights.
     Do you have kids Bob, or family you love? How would you feel if some weirdo at the airport, put their hands on your loved ones., Not okay for the government to allow anyone to do this to any of us, as you can clearly see, if a direct violation of our 4 th amendment right.
I will be back Bob, stay tuned, cause there is much more.
Well Bob, clearly you don't care, if you want the rest of the Bill of rights and how we are losing them, let me know I will continue.
I take it what you put forward that President Obama has signed into law has been ruled unconstitutional by The United States Supreme Court?
As you well know,I'm sure,since you fancy yourself as an expert on The Constitution,that the .S. Supreme Court has the final say as to what Is or Is Not Constitutionally sound OR NOT?????????????
I take it what you put forward that President Obama has signed into law has been ruled unconstitutional by The United States Supreme Court?
As you well know,I'm sure,since you fancy yourself as an expert on The Constitution,that the .S. Supreme Court has the final say as to what Is or Is Not Constitutionally sound OR NOT?????????????
sully16 REALLY believes that HIS OPINION and NOT the SCOTUS decides as to what IS or IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL!
sully16 should point me and others to when and where all those violations he has referred to in the Amendments he cited were deemed unconstitutional by the SCOTUS?
They never went to the scotus, do you not understand this was done behind our backs,,omg omg omg, your blind bob
sully 16 doesn't understand that what was done WAS Constitutional and that is why his Republican politicians have not taken any of it to the SCOTUS for a ruling on its Constitutionality!
OMG OMG OMG,Are you dense sully
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