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Saturday, May 26, 2012


'Austerity' Talk Is Just Political Cover for More Government Spending


'Austerity' Talk Is Just Political Cover for More Government Spending

 In other words, austerity for the government leads to prosperity for the nation.

at least they will not have to spend so much on the iraq war.that bankrupted the usa.
I will agree with that scorpio. These so called undeclared wars have been a drag on the United States since after WW2
Korea, Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other stinking hell hole our forces had to go into.
The people of France just tossed it leader because of his austerity measures that got France in trouble.
When the Republicans held all of congress and the presidency the 1st six years of Dumbya Bush where was their austerity measures while they were blowing a 900 billion surplus left them by Clinton on their way to doubling the national debt?
Baby Doc Bush was the only president in U.S. history to give tax cuts when the nation was at war costing the treasury trillions in addition to not putting the cost of 2 wars on the books.
Bob, Bush had a democratic congress, they blew the money, Clinton did not leave a surplus, the omb projected a surplus, we were still actually 96 billion in debt.
Poor sully16.You must watching FAUX News and getting informed by Bill O,LIElly and Insanity Hannity.
Bush had a Republican House and Senate for his 1st six years when they did most of the damage to Americas best interests in the world and economy at home when he vetoed only 1 of their bills they passed.The stem cell research bill that could have lead to possible cures for many debilitating diseases suffered by millions.The Democrats took over ALL of Congress
Jan.07 and then Bush vetoed everything passed by the democrat Congress that would have benefited the vast majority of Americans.
Then FAUX News and all the CONservative talking heads of A/M Radio etc. put the label on the Democrat Congress of a "Do Nothing Congress".
Stem cell research ? No, he didn't sign it, he didn't force tax payers to pay for people to desecrate the bodies of dead babies, There is still stem cell research, just not funded by tax payers who have moral issue with it.
I notice your idiot in charge didn't sign it either.
Benefitted, no you mean free, more free stuff off the backs of those who get up and go to work everyday,


What you want is a President who will force the rest of us to take care of those of you who don't want to do it yourself, you want a nanny state.
I grew up in that sh*thole called Detroit, I am well aware of the ghetto mentality, I'll take what I want!, I'll lie if I get caught! I'll steal, I'll rob, I'll intimidate! I'll blame others as fast as I can!
You ain't fooling me one bit...
You really need to stop repeating all those lame talking points, boobya. That's why Air America went under.
And that way, sully won't have to bitch-slap you all the time.
How about it?
Just start thinking for yourself for a change.
Like you,rdgrnr, sully doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground.
You both believe that corporate welfare IS GOOD but welfare for real people IS BAD!
You both believe that everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and also approve of it when everyone's boots are taken away by People Like You.
That comes from watching The FAUX RepubliCon nazi propaganda channel and listening to fascist a/m radio 24/7.
sully16 thinks that Dumbya Bush had a democrat Congress for 8 years and you think that you have brain cells that haven't been destroyed by your "Obama Derangement Syndrome" affliction.
Both your problems are that YOU DON'T think for yourselves and you let the fascist-nazi's propagandists on A/M radio 24/7 and the FOX fascist-nazi propaganda network tell you what to think.
El Rushbo Limpbaugh even admits it to his listeners.
No I don't believe corporate welfare is good, thats why I am ticked off about bammy giving so much bail out money to corporations, HELLO, ARE YOU F*CKING IN THERE.

sully16 the good Christian sure does curse a lot.
It must be GOD'S WILL!
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