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Sunday, April 15, 2012


GOP moms fighting back


I knew this created controversy would blow up in the democrats' weasel-like faces.

The stay-at-home-moms now have the Bull Dikes (democrat women) circling the wagons while the head misogynists, George Soros, David Axelrod and Barack Obama assume the fetal position and suck their thumbs.
Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, I love it!
there are really very few rich.just a lot who think they are rich,but compare their lives with how they grew up.republicans are self satisfied selfish people.they do not want to help our nation.reagans trickle down only tricked down to the wealthiest people,and that's how they want to keep has killed our economy as we are learning.
Here you go scorpio
The party of wealth.
there are really very few rich.just a lot who think they are rich,but compare their lives with how they grew up.republicans are self satisfied selfish people.they do not want to help our nation.reagans trickle down only tricked down to the wealthiest people,and that's how they want to keep has killed our economy as we are learning.
@Scorpio, are you for real? What pallet jack fell off a truck and smacked you in your head? Man you've been smelling too much of the BS they passing out in the house.
This demo fool has crossed the line with all GOP women everywhere. She's needs to be put on a leash from Joe and Bammy...!
takes one to know one,remember that one.
but the democrats wanta share.
First of all Malkin that "Bi ASh need to shut her stupid a$$ up and the President shouldn't have said nothing about what Ms Rosen ,"said because it was all true this woman ,Ann Romney haven't work a day in her Elite life and that from growing up to the very present . Yeh! how     hard can be sitting on your ass giving the servants orders as what you want done ,oh! yes it's a tough job some one has to take care of your kids ,especially those rich Republican their the worst kind .If your a stay at home mom ,how the hell do you Republican womem identify with the likes of Ann Romney, she's beyond rich.Ms Rosen was so right on.Like said the Republican are the worst kind,however there are rich Democrats that have people caring for their kids too.Really everyone came out defending Ann Romney, no need the woman really haven't work her ass off as most middle class stay at home mom and no comparison to outside the home working mom on either side.
As I understand it Hilary Rosen is a millionaires in her own right. Valerie Jarrett is not exactly poor either.

Mrs. Romney suffers from MS and has fought breast cancer. I have nothing against her. She is not running for office.
good,she should stay outa it then.

We got a lot of women in this country sitting on the lazy asses waiting for the welfare to roll in, hmmmm most of these bitches never worked a day in their stinking ass lives either, Lazy f***s just waiting for welfare.
Good point, sully.
She was a stay-at-home-mom but at least she wasn't asking for a handout while she was at home. Her husband was out working and making an honest living.
Some people have pride and dignity and would starve before taking a handout.
Then... there's the big fatass, bigmouth welfare queens, waddling their big, fat, stanky, nasty old asses from the couch to the fridge all day stuffing their fat faces with hot pockets and ho-ho's.
Careful Sully ,people may think your a lazy stinking ass bitch and a lazy FU44K!!! I have warned you before about your place of work.Maybe for the sake of your sanity you should get out as the old saying" if you can't stand the heat then get out the kitchen" and if you stay don't complain, deal with it.YOU COULD NOT BE A SPY. Too transparent.
Ridge, you know a lot about a lot of people, are you a GRU?
Are you threatening me Louise ?
NO! Sully your threatening yourself! It would be stupid for anyone to threaten on open forum but for some reason the Republicans think they can do as much right here on this forum. Think what you like, but I am not stupid.Have a nice day.
I don't know what a GRU is Louise so I don't know if I am one.
But if it's somebody who worked hard all his life and had too much pride, dignity and self-respect to beg for a handout or even consider taking charity or welfare when things got rough, then I probably am one.
I was raised to be a man, not a parasite on the ass of society. I take care of business. I take care of my family. I don't beg for crumbs from the table and I don't take handouts, come hell or high water.
Sorry! Ridge there's a missing letter. GURU
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