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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Round up weed killer + gentically engineered foods

Never know what you find in foriegn news sources. Big Grin I would not use roundup on my property


Any of you remember back years ago when highway depts, power line right of ways or wherever else they used weed and brush killer. The grass and weeds and bushes use to turn brown and die.

I had a friend I grew up with years a go ( he passed away some years a go ) who used to work on the highway dept. We were talking about weed killer and such like I mentioned. He told me what the stuff was they used for the killer chemical.


Thinking about what I just read. Remember about the news stories of bees, birds and fish kills reported. This scenarion could have taken place.
Bees: Most bee keepers rent out their hives to agricultural growers for pollination. What if those growers used chemicals on their fields and crops. The plant takes in the chemical which goes to the pollen. The bees harvest the pollen to make honey. The bees processing the honey and eat the honey for food. The bees die. If any honey left in the hive is processed for human consumption the people eat the honey. HMMM

Birds: These sudden death of birds could be caused by the birds eating the seeds and such from the treated plant.

Fish: The chemical works it way into the water system causing a kill off of fish who can not tolerate that dose of chemical in the water supply.
This is true, especially about the bee colony deaths. Roundup gets into our water supply, so we're drinking it too. It should be banned immediately.

I get all my news from foreign sources and alternative news web sites and blogs. On those sites this information is common knowledge. The US mainstream news is not news, it's propaganda. They have no obligation to be truthful or to report any story that they would rather us not knowing about. Every story is slanted to their agenda. Good example is the current talking points about Treyvon (sp?) and the Zimmerman guy who shot him. The police report and eyewitnesses tell a totally different story than what they're pushing on the news. They (the media and Obama) are trying to start a race war. Why did they take a month to suddenly start talking about it on every news show? Did they choose that story from the archives because it fits their agenda? It's certainly not "news" after a month.
One more comment...DC insiders said months ago that Obama will be using the race card to garner support for the upcoming election. His inflammatory comments on the Treyvon/Zimmerman story are proof that the insiders were right. Starting a race war also offers the excuse for the police state to FURTHER clamp down on the prisoner-citizenry of the country.

As a white man living in a very mixed neighborhood, the sudden bad vibes from my black neighbors is palpable. It's not cool that this has been fomented by our 'leader' and our media.
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