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Monday, September 5, 2011


Learned more about computers the last few weeks

My computer experience.

I was running out of free space on my computer. I was compressing files, defragmenting, deleting and removing all programs I could to create space. Ran out of the option to defragment anymore. compressed files saturday and that only left me with 1% of free space left.
So I figured I better learn something quick.Green laugh
I was reading my user manual about a month ago about doing system restore. I did not want to go thru that major process. I was doing some reading about where all those temp files remain on your computer. So I done a search on the net about file removal and came across articles about programs available to remove temp files. So I located a program that would do that.
So I downloaded that with the assistance of my granddaughter and she taught me the process how to use it. Run that checking off what I wanted it to do on the scan. Ran the scan. That took 10 hrs to complete.  The computer is about 6 years old so there were a lot of temp files. Whew I'll say there was. So from the scan I went to removal. That took 5 hrs to complete.

With all that done I am back up to 16 GB of free space giving me 46% of free space available. Should have  plenty of life left in my computer now. Just maintain periodic temp file removal along with usual defragmenting and disc cleaner compressing.

Just putting my experience in my blog for safe keeping so when I write my life history in a book.Big Grin

Thanks Konane.
That was an experience I will remember.
Jap, I got a hold of a program that I can do everyday on my computer, it's called : when I downloaded the program it was free, and I think it still is. Try it, works great for me. Lets me see exactly how much space and everything is available....
A couple things you might be interested to know: (1) defragmenting does not free up any space on your hard drive, it only rearranges what is there, and, (2) Windows has a built-in program called Disk Cleanup that will delete your temporary files for you.
In addition to what Todd wrote, another way is to go to tools- internet options-under browsing history, click on delete. It will clear the cookies and temporary files. I do this once a week just to clean house...
Good Information. ^5
Always delete my temp Internet files.

@joker - The only problem with using the Internet Options method is that it only deletes Web-browsing stuff. It won't delete all the temp junk left behind from from program installs, programs running, etc. If you use Disk Cleanup it deletes everything. (Well, almost everything.)

As far as deleting cookies is concerned, I personally find it is more annoying then anything to delete cookies. I actually get upset if I accidentally delete cookies. Because then it looses all my logins at my fav sites (including LP!). Cookies take up so little room that it doesn't make a difference as far as disk space is concerned. Even *thousands* of cookies will take up very little room on the hard disk. So it tends to be just an annoyance factor to delete them.
Good to know Todd, thanx. I didn't know that.

I have Registry mechanic by PC tools, and it has a feature that cleans everything you mentioned, called "Clean Disk", it probably does almost everything Disk cleanup does by Windows. Probably more.

As far as Internet Options, using it does make me lose all my logins like you said unless I "Uncheck" the "Passwords" box. Windows 7, which I have, has a a list of boxes I can check or uncheck before running it. I always leave box unchecked for the "Passwords" which doesn't lose passwords to my favorite sites.

Maybe I'll use Window's Disk Cleaner in addition to my Reg. Mech. just in case either one misses one or two things. It also cleans all my browsers, and third party software like plugins.

Here's the list from Clean Disk In Reg. Mech:

Document history
Find and search history
Scan disk temp files
Run history
Temp files directory
Recycle bin

It does a very thorough cleanup. It usually takes about 2 to 3 minutes especially If i haven't done it in a while. Then I have to restart the computer.
buy another pc
Add a drive but if the machine is 6 years old it may be easier to upgrade the whole thing and just transfer your files. Sounds like you got a 40GB drive probably IDE, IDE drives are getting harder and harder to find.................... most new machines now come with minimum 500GB SATA storage, that run Win7 for less than $600.

I'm partial to Dell Lenovo HP Acer in that order. Here is a place that has great prices I've bought A LOT from these guys;Price6

and Dell.

Thanks and great info feedback.
@joker - I definitely would not recommend using your browser's built-in ability to save passwords. They all can be cracked very easily. It's much better to use a third-party password saver, and never clear cookies. For a good third-party password saver, I'd highly recommend LastPass ( They have plug-ins for every major browser, and the basic service is free.

Also, although in the past I have recommended a registry cleaner, I have changed my position on the merits of cleaning one's registry. I have seen it do more harm than good, and I no longer recommend doing it.
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