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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My quit smoking update.

I posted a comment on a blog who was quitting smoking that I was working on quiting.

My update is that I smoke very little now. I might buy a pack of cigarettes now and then. Have had maybe 2 packs in the last month. I also buy a few cigars now and then.

My kick now is that I had a small can of peach snuff I purchased about a year or two ago and did not really use it but once when I bought it. Well I pulled down that can of snuff and now I take out my full set of upper dentures and take the snuff and sprinkle it on my dentures that go to the roof of my mouth. Re insert my dentures and wa la a nicotine fix. Keep that there for an hour or so and then take out the dentures and rinse them clean and rinse my mouth out. Do that two or three times a day. That little 1.5 ounce can of snuff has lasted over two weeks now. Have about two more shake outs left in the can.

Sounds nasty but effective. Green laugh

They can take their tobacco tax and stuff it.ROFL

I probably save something like $200.00 a month now.Big Grin

"They can take their tobacco tax and stuff it." Refusing to use the product they're taxing is the ultimate protest!!!!!! Congrats on your journey to non-smoker, non-nicotine addicted!!!! Yes, WTG!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Save $200 a month ..... buy more tickets with that or just sit on it!!! Congrats!!!
WTG Jap69! I'm glad you are quitting. However, exchanging snuff tobacco for smoking tobacco is only exchanging lung cancer for lip and gum cancer. It's all still very bad. I quit about 3 years ago. I smoked 3 packs a day.   Try some of these ideas:

Chewing gum (more effective than you think, unless having a wet whitsle makes you want a cig-in that case, don't try this one)
Candy (the sugar acts as a substitute for your brain and fools it into thinking it is getting the nicotine---without the addictive recourse)
             For this one, I used toffee flavored candies because quittting any coffee during this process will double your efforts! And this way
             I didn't have to give up the flavor of coffee that I loved. But, needless to say, I don't drink coffee anymore too.
Breathing-breathe through the craving for about 15 minutes, taking deep breaths just like you would if you were smoking a cig. This is very relaxing!
A patch- the step down kinds are best. Two weeks got my hubby to quit. If you're a light smoker (a pack or less a day), these are great!
Lifting weights- a light barbell or dumbell is perfect.   If you're the kinf of person who feels like you are going to go into convulsions or have a stroke cause
             you can't have a cig, this will help alot! This is what I used the most often. I didn't use any patch or drug to ease me off. Just the weights.
             Do arm curls, push ups, leg lifts anything that is low impact but uses a major muscle. Sit ups, if you prefer are execellent! And not only will you end
             up quitting, but you'll have a buffer body when it's over!
Go to places you aren't allowed to smoke: For instance, I went to my brother's house alot because he doesn't allow smoking at his house. I was
             comfortable there and I wouldn't dare smoke if he begged me.              

Get your teeth whitened- in your case, dentures. Just think, you wont have to look at the yellow stains anymore.
Try a different cologne- don't ask me why this one works, I just know it is one more step to help the change.
Put away all the ashtrays-Out of sight, out of mind. Same goes for the cigs you are keeping in your home.       
Pick one spot you are allowed to smoke-for instance, only on the porch.   It makes it uncomfortable and that makes smoking seem less worth it everytime
             You break down and want one.

I hope these help Jap69. Good luck in quitting!


Spy153 I gonna try some of your suggestion, really need to quit
this bad HABIT
Declining to give them any more tax money is a good incentive. I stopped buying packs and switched to loose leaf, rolling my own. Saves a ton of money and you smoke less. Packaged cigs. have 200 additives including extra nicotine. I'm saving a couple hundos a month too now. With regard to snuff, if you're not a lifetime user and are using it in the limited quantity you describe you have nothing to worry about health-wise, especially at "our" age.

Self hypnosis works for me. Good book: Instant Self Hypnosis by Forbes Robbins Blair.

Good luck!
Maybe in time you will do that only once a day or not at all.
Good Luck!
Good luck to you in quitting too charmed7!

Wish I could - tired many times. I did quit when I was 12 for about a year. How many years have I been smoking you are wondering? If I told you, you would think I was telling a fib.
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