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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Obama in the running

I am a dried in the wool republican.

Obama has had his first victory. Knocked Ms Clinton down to third spot.
Things are gonna start to get down and dirty now.
May watch the debate tonight.

I am not a democrat but I like Obama. He could just sway my vote for the first time in 45 years. Got to hear his game plan. They get tough with him I want to see him on how he fights back. Show your stuff Obama if you want to sway my vote.

I like Clinton. Will vote for any of them as long as D.
I'm only barely a republican, and I like Obama, too. My battle cry this year is "Anybody but Hillary!" I don't even want to see her as VP.

So looking waaay far into the future, who do you think Obama will pick as a running mate should he win the Democratic nomination? Cuz if it's gonna be Hillary I'm not gonna vote for him. lol
From last night's debate it looks as if Edwards & Obama are ganging up on Sen Clinton. Maybe they have other plans, Lilly. However, their egos might keep them from working together. Still, an Obama/Edwards ticket might be strong. I think an Obama/Clinton ticket would be better. I wonder why so many people do not like her. Notice that people refer to her by her first name and it's disrespectful. I realize it's because her husband was our President, but everyone knows he isn't running, so why call her Hillary and the others by their last names?

By the way, I like you a lot, so I am not picking on you. I'm just making an observation that so many people, when referring to Senator Clinton say "Hillary" but nobody said "George" when President Bush was running and his father served, so it can't be the reason they give.
I think they called Bush "Shrub" (little bush) didn't they? LOL   Oh actually, they called him "Dubya" which isn't all that respectful either. Now, I never watch the debates, so I don't know if they call others by their last names and Hillary by her first in a more formal situation. If that's the case, that is a ponderable.

I'm not really sure why I don't like Hillary, I can't place my finger on it. Part of it is that I don't want to look at Bill's smarmy face for another 4 or 12 years, but that's not the whole reason. Just something about her.

As far as running mates, it seems like they always choose someone who wasn't a top contender in the primaries, and sometimes choose someone who wasn't even running for the top job. I can't think ... have their been running mates placed 2nd or 3rd in the presidential race?

I know you're not picking on me justxploring. No probs here.
Man I wish you could edit blog comments. I meant to ask: Have THERE been any running mates WHO placed 2nd or 3rd in the primaries?
So what are they getting at by experience?
Been in politics long enough to wheel and deal to get things done to go your way. You give me this I will give you that.
In other words Obama is a greenhorn at doing things according to political party wishes.
That kind of politics is getting old in my book.
Damn if we only had a prez that could get things done for the benefit of the country and not party policy.
Everytime the prez election comes up it for a change. Change to what?
You realize how much it costs this country for changes every time a new prez is elected?
I do the their/there thing too, Lilly. One day I'll use your instead of you're. It makes you humble! LOL   After being online for so many years, I've become less judgmental. :-)

I remember the first time I saw 2nite. Being old school, I still have problems with such abbreviations, but we live in a world of texting and MBFL I guess would mean my best friend Lilly. I'm learning. I just hope kids nowadays know (almost wrote no) how to really spell correctly. I know it's from being busy and/or stress (been there) but sometimes a young person at a register has trouble giving change back when I hand him/her a few extra pennies or a quarter to get an even dollar or two.   Then I wonder if, without a calculator or cash register, that person would be able to figure it out. Hope that isn't the case. I only thought of this because it happened last night. I think it was $3.34 and I handed her $5.09 so I'd get $1.75 instead of all those pennies. Total confusion. I felt badly and figure maybe I won't do that any more.

Watched the debate last night.
Out of the mouth of Ms Clinton was tax corporations and higher income brackets.
Now you realize what that does for the lower ncome earners.
You raise taxes corps will need to raise prices to cover it or The employees of tha corp will not see higher wages. So who looses.
Not the corps they are looking at the bottom line.
Ms Clinton does not have any more or much more experience as Obama.
Unless you call when Bill was prez it was a king and queen deal.
Sorry, JAP69. Didn't mean to go off topic. I guess I can relate this to the subject matter. "I hope if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will continue to support a good education for each child." (wink)
Oops - posted my last comment before I saw yours. I agree that we don't want to tax the poor to feed the rich. People here think that, because I am against the so-called "Fair Tax" (which would save the wealthy a ton of money) I don't believe in tax cuts. Yes, I would like to pay no income tax at all. If I heard Senator Clinton correctly, she didn't say that the poor should pay more taxes, but that there should be more or higher tax brackets. Maybe that means that all the many millionaires might pay more. I don't know. I'm honestly not very political. I'm like most people who vote - I listen to the candidates, try to learn about the issues they address, do a little research on my own, and make an opinion before I vote. That doesn't mean I'm right at all, because most politicans lie anyway. Remember "read my lips - no new taxes?"
i have a strange feeling if obama gets in,we'll have a chaos in the usa,like none since the civil war,sorta like the mid east situation,in the good ol usa!
Could be scorpio.
Unfortunately some americans do not see other americans as americans to be judged on character of the person wether we like them or not.
I personally judge people on their character .
This Presidential Campaign to me - is a big JOKE. But I'm going with Hilliary (sorry justx) I'm sure Hilliary will not mind someone calling her Hilliary if they vote for her. And if Hilliary doesn't make the ticket I will vote for whomever the Democrat is. That's what all Democrats should do - THE BOTTOM LINE - To Democrats: We don't want a Republican president. I'm hearing people say "if this person win, I'm not voting" If you don't like the Democrat that's on the ticket - vote for them anyway to help put the the democrats in control at least. We have the house and senate 'bout sewn up. Remember the primaries. People want the Republicans out. Republicans were fed up and voted straight democratic tickets.   

When you are on a team you don't bail out on them when they need you the most. Don't get side tracked with unimportant issues. Just vote Democrat. God help us if we get a Republican president. Getting a Democrat president might not help much but it will slow the evil things down that is in our government because we are all in some deep s**t.
i'm voting way do i want another power hungry monkey in there like george bush who is a disgrace even to most republicans now because he has turned people against that party.i'd personally love to see a clinton edwards OR edwards clinton presidency.obama is very trustworthy and sincere but experience is lacking.
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