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Friday, July 27, 2007


Studying past draws to predict

I thought this was a great article about using the past to predict the future.

Studying past draws history and logging it into your brain could help in finding the outcome of future draws.
I have mentioned a few times about the brain doing the work of figuring the next draw possibility.

In my opinion, past present and future are all one. Time only exists because of movement within the universe. Think about this for a moment. If nothing moved at all in the universe, there would be no such thing as time itself.

The human brain cannot fathom the idea of a space thats been here all along, no beginning, no end. Yours, and my puny mind would meld trying to grasp that simple, yet oxymorinic view of such a method to the universe's madness. No beginning?

Yeah I know....people talk about the big bang. But that still leaves room for another question. Since the big bang theory relies on a big crunch theory as it's evil how many of those bangs and crunches have we had so far?....LOL

Carl sagan had a an answer to the endless universe, to which this day I dispute strongly. He stated that that just like the earth was perceived that it was flat, yet later found that it was a circle, that it also can be applied to the endless universe dilemma. He said that at some point out in space, you could revert back to the original spot, in some kind of curved space time. It sounded plausible until I thought about it for a while. The universe acting like a planet as a circle? I don't think so. Even if that was true, what was outside that gravitational bubble? Explain that one to me carl

Carl was setting limits, even with the bending of time and space theory. The problem with his theory is that before the big bang there wasn't even space...empty space. Now wait a minute here. If there is no space then the void that would have to occupy something that wasn't there would also be an oxymoron, onto itself, thus a myriad of false and eroneous attempts in doing nothing but creating only more dilemmas in the process. I think Einstein called it the Singularity, before the big bang.

I'm talking only about empty space, not any materials of any sort. Just the emty space that seems to go on and on and on and on and on and on.....

Even if there were a high supreme being making the universe in one fell swoop, the being could never finish the job, because endless space never ends. There are no walls in space. It's a conundrum...spelling?

I don't care how fast a supreme being is, that supreme being can and never, and ever finish the job. A deity can be 70 trillion to the 80 trillionth power faster than our current god, but he still can't create a never ending universe. The job can never be done, at any speed. SEE?

So, one day, recently, I realized that the reason i'm here, was do to waking up in a universe that's been here all along...Silly me...waking up, scratching my head, wondering why I'm here. HELLO!!!!...speaking to myself. Look around you, everything in the forest is lived in, like a house you've owned for 30 years. The roots are ingrained. It even looks and feels like old school. Look at the planet and you'll see that it' definitely looks like it's been here much longer than 5 thousand
Interesting article. Thanks.
Good call J, cause that 2 that u were talking about is bouncing around now. WTG!!!
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