Friday, March 29, 2013

Ten years on lottery post got blocked

I've been on lottery post for ten years almost and have just noticed I've been blocked by a member I wish i knew what i did to earn this honor. It's a first for me. Can't even send the person a PM to discuss what the reason was/is.  Oh well.


At 1:25 PM, GASMETERGUY said...

I have been blocked by three members of which I am aware. I am trying to tick off a few more. My goal is to become the Most Blocked Member.

Being blocked by these three members is an honor for their minds, their thinking, is so twisted. They can not support with facts and figures their position and refuse to hear anything that upsets their "give me all you got" mentality.

At 8:06 PM, time*treat said...

Didn't like your number predictions? =^.^=

At 12:18 AM, rdgrnr said...

Committed Libs (Communists) don't like different opinions than their own.
And, being notoriously cheap, most libs will lock their blogs from different opinions rather than buy a premium membership which would allow them to block certain opinions they don't like.
Total hypocrites.
And cheap as the day is long.

At 1:29 AM, four4me said...

Thanks all and ridgerunner i surely must have touched a nerve or two. I've had some pretty heated posts in some threads with lots of listers here, but never was blocked by any of them nor have i ever blocked anyone here ever. And if i have a problem with someone i work it out.

I think i put a post in someone's blog. A person who's blogs i really like to read. To that end i will continue to read that persons blogs no matter to me if i can't respond... sigh.

Weird part is i don't even know when i was blocked or which post caused the stir. So be it.

It's Easter all.. Happy Easter everyone.

At 9:31 AM, jarasan said...

Happy Easter!

At 1:56 AM, four4me said...

I remember now the last thing i wrote in a blog was to a poster saying something about homeland security and buying bullets my response was

the people are mad or angry
and north Korea.

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