Friday, February 22, 2013

My sister

Wow yesterday was a rough, on my birthday I wake up and read the sun paper headlines on the Internet I refuse to pay them to read any of the articles cause the news should be free anyhow they let you view the horoscopes and the obituary's for free I always look to see if my names in the obits LOL.
Last week I found out my sister had cancer from my nephews father in law she never called me or anyone else except her closest friend, never called her kids and told them she was sick she went through all the kemo an stuff mostly by herself. Then on the 19th of Feb. she was leaving for a doctors appt. and forgot something went back to get it and use the bathroom became dizzy slipped an fell hitting her head on the marble fixture crawled to the phone dialed 911 crawled to the door to unlock it for the paramedics and passed out.
They took her to the nearest hospital she had a big bump on her right forehead. They took X-rays and did a cat scan she felt faint again they gave her medicine for an irregular heart beat and discovered she also broke her hip. At some point she collapsed and died in the ER apparently from an aneurysm.
So that was on the 19th and I'm reading the obits. on the 21st and I see my sisters name and I freaked out my heart was beating fast too. I settled down a bit. And wondered why I was reading the obits to find out my sister had passed away 2 days ago and neither of my sisters 3 sons or daughter hadn't even bothered to call me. So I did what any old geezer would do I called the funeral parlor and asked the director which one of my family members was in charge of the arrangements. My sisters youngest son ok I said could you please ask him to call ME.
He calls me about an hour later we talk and I ask him why didn't they bother to call me his reply was we didn't know if you were dead or not. And I said remember what I said at the last funeral we attended together no he replied I told him I'm in the phone book or call directory's assistance and ask them to give you my number. Oh he says and stumbles for his next words. That works both ways he says you could look us up no I replied your last mane is White do you have any idea how many people named White are in the phone directory must be thousands and how impossibly difficult it would be for me to connect to you on short notice. And I reminded him that there are only like a dozen people here with my last name take all of three minutes to find me. 
I'm upset and irate at this point trying everything to not get angry after all his mother is dead I realize he is taking it badly. I'm still angry now thinking they weren't even going to call me. The viewing is today 22nd they had the body cremated whose idea was that I asked ours he said and again I had to remind him I was her brother didn't I have any say after all I tell him your mother has lots of relatives and friends maybe they might want to see her one last time. To late now he said she's cremated. I could of lost my mind completely but changed the subject matter.
The moral and point of this story is if you have a family call them and visit them from time to time no mater what the circumstances are how dysfunctional the family situation is you never know when one of them might pass away.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jack White blows them away at the grammy's

Jack White blows them away at the Grammy's