Thursday, August 27, 2009

Multi Match Oh my gosh!

Multi Match Oh my gosh!
Wed, Aug 26, 2009 jackpot $3.9 Million
The winning numbers 04-07-14-24-26-27
I had all the numbers but they were not on the same line. 
So far it's the most i have ever won playing this game.
Glad i won some money but it sure would have been nice if all the winning numbers were on the same line.
My quick pick numbers.
4 of 6 = $20.00
8 of 18 = $ 100.00
Jackpot rolled to 4 million for Saturday


At 11:02 AM, JAP69 said...

Gives you incentive to keep on truckin.

At 1:32 PM, four4me said...

Thanks John i remain optimistic but by the same token i rarely get one number out of 18 on a quick pick for Multi match. This win made up for all the losses for a year. I usually only buy one quick pick per draw. I'm not real fond of this game i tracked the numbers for a couple years trying to find a way to wheel numbers that might win and even with all the practice draws i didn't do so well. So I'll just stay with the quick picks.

At least i have some extra cash for Fridays Mega draw.

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