Friday, December 11, 2009

I was pretty sick

I was pretty sick..... i was cleaning some calculus off of my teeth on November 30th and caused a gum to bleed that in turn caused an infection in my blood stream and i was in the hospital for a week. Good thing i went to the hospital when i did or i might have died or had to have new heart valves installed. I never gave it a thought that cleanings ones teeth could cause such a problem so from now on I'll let the dentist do it LOL  I'm feeling much better now but i will be on antibiotics for another week.

Thank everyone who PMed me for your concerns everything happened so fast i didn't have time to post a blog or anything at all, i should have emailed Todd to spread the word but i was in the ER and taken to a hospital room all in a matter of hours. Just got back home today. I am not a good patient and fought the doctors practically the whole time i was there.

After having stayed in a hospital room for little more than a week if feels good to be back home everything was so surreal the doctors and nurses were really worried that i damaged my heart valves but some tests showed that they are not damaged. When i left the hospital to come home it felt weird like i was drifting through space and time i lost a whole week.