Friday, April 13, 2007

Michigan done right BAMM!

Michigan done right BAMM
I usually don't brag on myself but got to admit it feels good the match all 4 draws. I live for the day i can do this in Maryland and have money on the bets. Also will be nice to have them come out straight. Wishful thinking.
These are numbers i like that seem to come out a lot in different states.  
Thursday April 12th, 2007
four4meMichiganDaily 36-Way Box 3-5-73-7-5$40
four4meMichiganDaily 424-Way Box    4-0-2-1      2-4-0-1      $100
four4meMichiganMidday 3    6-Way Box0-1-99-1-0$40
four4meMichiganMidday 424-Way Box8-4-0-22-8-0-4$100


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