Friday, July 8, 2005

went on vacation numbers craze

 I went on vacation on June 30th and posted these numbers below for 6 days on the prediction board. With the exception of 409 and 999 the rest are some of my favorite picks i like to use.
I chose most of the pick 4 numbers for the predictions page because i looked at the past history for all states and wrote some numbers i thought might hit based on what i saw in the history of all states. And because many of these #'s hit a lot in many states every year or so 8513 5407 2650 9326. of all of them 1170 was the only number i pulled from out of nowhere.

As you can see the pick 3 numbers went for a heck of a ride during those 6 days. And are some of the numbers that hit every month or 3 in many states in the various forms (6 way numbers) a person can't go wrong playing the highlighted numbers because they are the popular sums that hit.

Of the pick 4 numbers that hit all i can say is wow i had no idea they would come out. With 10,000 pick 4 numbers to select from it's kind of hard to continually pick the right numbers all the time. Take note of them because they also hit a lot in there 12 way forms.

these were my 6 day picks 
386, 409, 999, 143, 983,
381, 347, 348, 921, 851
2371, 8513, 1170, 2459, 2650,
9326, 5407, 2805, 7839, 3487

Thursday June 30 th.
four4me  Delaware Midday 4 24-Way Box $100  9-5-2-4 
four4me Delaware Play 3 6-Way Box $40    5-1-8
four4me New Jersey Pick 3 6-Way Box $40    8-1-5
four4me Washington Daily 6-Way Box $40    1-5-8
four4me Washington, D.C. Lucky Numbers 6-Way Box $40    2-1-9

Friday July 1st.
four4me Connecticut Play 3 6-Way Box $40    6-3-8
four4me  Illinois Daily 4 24-Way Box $100  3-1-8-5
four4me Iowa Pick 4 24-Way Box $100  3-1-8-5
four4me New York Numbers 6-Way Box $40    5-1-8
four4me New York Win 4 24-Way Box $100  5-4-7-0

Saturday July 2nd
four4me Delaware Midday 3 Straight + 6-Way Box $290  1-4-3 
four4me  Illinois Daily 3 Straight + 6-Way Box $290  3-4-8
four4me Indiana Midday 3 6-Way Box $40    3-8-4
four4me Iowa Pick 3 Straight + 6-Way Box $290  3-4-8
four4me Maryland Pick 3 6-Way Box $40    1-8-5
four4me Michigan Midday 3 6-Way Box $40    2-1-9
four4me Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 6-Way Box $40    8-4-3
four4me Tennessee Cash 4 24-Way Box $100  6-2-3-9
four4me Texas Midday Pick 3 6-Way Box
$40    1-9-2
483 also hit Texas today 7/7/05 evening draw

Sunday July 3rd
four4me  Pennsylvania Daily Number 6-Way Box $40    3-7-4

Monday July 4
four4me Arizona  Pick 3 6-Way Box $40    0-4-9
four4me California  Daily 3 6-Way Box $40    4-7-3
four4me  Idaho  Pick 3 6-Way Box $40    3-8-9
four4me Michigan  Midday 3 6-Way Box $40    7-4-3
four4me South Carolina  Pick 3 6-Way Box $40   4-7-3
four4me West Virginia  Daily 4 24-Way Box $100  7-3-4-8

Tuesday July 5
four4me  Arizona Pick 3  Straight + 6-Way Box $290  1-4-3
four4me  New Jersey  Pick 4  24-Way Box $100  4-3-8-7
four4me  New York Win 4 12-Way Box $200  1-0-7-1
four4me  Ohio Pick 4  24-Way Box $100  0-6-5-2

I hope some people played and won with some of these picks. I only boxed the Maryland 185 pick. Bommed on the pick 4 picks for Maryland however a few other favorite pick 4 numbers did come out during that time. One of these days i will print out a list of popular pick 4 numbers for everyone to play at certain times of the year. Another thing to note is some of these numbers traveled from one day to the next.

This was the first time i ever posted the same set of numbers for a length of time and learned something from it by doing so. One thing is i rarely keep the same numbers to play for more than one day. The other thing is no matter what i decide to play in Maryland i can almost guarantee my picks will hit somewhere else other than here.


At 11:07 AM, Joev said...

Hello four4me,

Congratulations on your picks! Just wondering how you picked them!
Any tips?

I am from Brazil and we have a lottery that's similar to Pick-3 and Pick-4 that is played everyday of the week. I have about 5 years of history for those lotteries and would like to do something with them.

Thanks for any help


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