Sunday, January 2, 2005

example of power trails at work

Example of power trails at work. These numbers are for Maryland. They are the last 10 draws and it produced a box winner in pick 4. I didn't play it but I posted it and I just don't have enough cash to play every number I write down. So I pick and chose and I chose the wrong number.
7412                         1----- 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1      8 ones       
5168                         2----- 2-2-2-2-2-2-2         7 twos
0112                         3----- 3-3-3                      3 threes
2263                         4 ---  4-4                          2 fours
1330                         5 ---  5-5-5                      3 five's
9786                         6---   6-6-6-6                   4 sixes
5471                         7 ---  7-7-7-7                   4 sevens
1799                         8 ---  8-8                          2 eight's  
6520                         9 ---  9-9-9                       3 nines
2102 hit last night    0 ---  0-0-0-0                    4 zeros
9438 hit midday today Sunday
The triangle arranged from the hottest to the coldest in proper order.
               2 -0 
Numbers i would have played in blue
9348 missed the straight but you get the idea
 Nothing last forever so i am always ready to change my plays as hot numbers move out and cold ones move in to take their place
additional numbers i might have played 1269 1058 but picking these  hasn't been working for me so I usually don't play them.
Now while there is no sure fire method some people might need less history some might need more. But I only work with the past 10 draws. And as soon as the next number comes out I make another triangle to see where the next possible winning numbers might come from. Unless a number looks good for a couple draws say 3 draws I drop the rest. Sometimes this is a mistake on my part. but you have to experiment. Many times I take the last few draws and look at the triangle and only play the numbers that haven't hit. In other words i take out the 1-2-0-6-5-the nine or 7 and play what's left which was 9348 or 7348 the coldest numbers
1-2-0-6-7-5-9-3-4-8 these are from triangle in proper order
-9-3-4-8 is what left after getting rid of the hot numbers. It's my fault I didn't hit today because I didn't think the cold numbers would come out. I thought the hot numbers had one or more trips left. But it goes to show that you have to change your plays when the numbers change.


At 9:12 AM, Jani Norman said...

you'll get a big straight hit one day just hang in there with'll pay off big...

At 12:47 AM, four4me said...

Thanks Jani three times within the last week the numbers were on the bottom line and i boxed one and played the other straight but had my picks out of order. I know this powertrails sys. works i just had to wait for it to come on line.

At 6:43 PM, dsanddesigns said...

Please explain how to use power trails thanks

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