Monday, July 19, 2004

my own fault

Well, since I started posting numbers I had a few hits in Maryland only I didn't play them. I missed a pick 4 box 9207. My excuse is when I saw the new ticket seller I got shook up because a couple of times when I asked for some numbers, I got different ones than what I asked for so I only got a few selections and decided to go elsewhere for the rest of my picks. And simply forgot to ask for the very first number on my play list which was 9702.  Then the next day I dropped a number I had a feeling would hit 2233. It came out 2332. Then I missed 3 pick 3's in a row because I was one number off. And last night I didn't play 347 as I had posted for Maryland. So instead of winning some dollars I ended up loosing money. I do hope I don't screw up as bad this week. Moral of this rant is play um don't forget um. And if you have the spare money play um one up one down. I hope some people in MD played the 347 for last night it has been a while since it hit. Watch for 348 to hit soon in some order best played as a combo so you can get the straight box hit.


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