Saturday, July 10, 2004

All states predicting

Well, after reviewing some of my prediction entry's for Maryland I noticed that a few of my picks have hit in other states instead of Maryland which is usually the case for me as of late my picks hit everywhere but here in Maryland. So time permitting I will try and keep at it for a while when and if my method of picking my choices works out. Otherwise I might switch back to posting my selections for Maryland.

As a note to all I only use Power Trails method for predicting my picks. They are based on the last 5 days midday and evening pick 3/4 drawing for Maryland Only. I do not use software or any other tools.

I have been using the power trails method for about 6 months and it doesn't always pan out as expected. But to the trained eye and mind I do see that if you modify your selection processes with power trails it is possible to get some good hits. Well, enough of this rant. Back to checking out this great site good luck to all.


At 6:58 PM, leather said...

I like the powertrail method is there a way tou can show the forum , how you do this? Thanks.

At 5:16 PM, breader said...

give a detail example of picking pick 3 and pick 4 and powerball numbers please

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