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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Illinois Republicans Object to Plan to Spend $100 Million to Lure Obama Library

What in-the-hell has he done to deserve a library, please explain his accomplishments.
CARBOB - he plays golf.
It's in the nature of repubs to reject, even though the American people has totally rejected the leadership in both houses. Both are at an all time low. So what have they accomplished? NOTHING!. President Obama will get his library whether you like it or not.
Speedy, don't you think he should first accomplish something?? After the fall elections, Obamacare will be gone. BTW, have you got your $2500?
That is what they said about social security. Go figure. As far as the next election, you first need a candidate that can win. I wouldn't make any predictions if I were you.
$100 Million to "lure" the library?
Of the taxpayers money?
When they're already drowning in debt?
When they're infested with corruption?
While the people are suffering?
By raising taxes?
Yep, that's good old Illinois Democrat politics and incompetence.
And another huge construction project for the unions to milk dry.
I smell huge cost overruns already.
Yes sir, business as usual in Illinois.

If it's an Illinois problem, why are you worried? You live in the Carolina mountains.
It's not just an Illinois problem, think, "Bailout".
Carolina mountains?
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