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Saturday, April 26, 2014


The Growing Power of Godly Progressives?

What a joke.
There are no Godly Progressives.
"Godly Progressive" is an oxymoron.
Saul Alinsky was a Progressive and wrote the Democrats' Bible, Rules for Radicals, and he dedicated it to Satan.
That's where the Democrats' religious allegiance lies, with Satan.
All of today's Democrat leaders are Alinskyites and thus, Satanists.
That is about the most absurd statement you made to date Ridge.
I wish it was absurd.
It is as far as I'm concerned. Godly Progressive, what a farce.
I see you neglected to read the article again and chose instead to pretend you know what it's about based on my response.

They said that, not me.
And yes, Godly Progressive is a farce.
You called it a farce cuz you thought I said it.
But it was the Democrats who said it and so you agreed with me.
Read the article once in a while and you won't look so silly.

I called it a farce because there is no such thing. Don't flatter yourself Ridge. We will on rare occasions actually agree on some things, but the majority of the time we won't, and that's ok too.
That's right because Progressives (Democrats) hate God and want him excluded from society and public discourse.
I just never thought you'd finally admit that.
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