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Monday, April 28, 2014


Should Affirmative Action Be Based on Income?

Funny how Democrats defend AA as needed to fight racial discrimination when AA is by definition, racial discrimination.
No, AA should be based on verifiable, documented and systematic discrimination against certain ethnics groups.
AA IS discrimination against a certain racial group.
But that's ok with Democrats as long as it's not against THEIR certain racial groups.
It ludicrous to say that AA discriminates against Whites, when the law was passed to correct pass discrimination practices by whites.
If discrimination against Blacks was wrong, then discrimination against ANYBODY is wrong.
You don't use the law to get even with people of a particular color because they happen to be the same color as somebody who wronged people of your color in the past. They had nothing to do with it.
If discrimination is WRONG, it's WRONG no matter who it discriminates against.
Anybody who supports AA is a racist.
And the Supreme Court agrees because they just ruled against it in Michigan.
It wasn't wrong. Then I guess you wished things would have stayed the way they were, huh?
Discrimination wasn't wrong?
You're not making any sense.
But I'm used to that.
Let me make it plain. It is not wrong to use AA if you were denied equal opportunity under the law. If you disagree with the remedy proposed by the courts, then you probably think it was ok for minorities to be discriminated against because of their color or ethnic background. Understand now?
I don't disagree with the court.
The SCOTUS just said AA was unconstitutional in a case brought against it in Michigan.
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