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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sheila Jackson Lee: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Is 'Inhumane And Cruel'

Having her in a position of authority is what's inhumane and cruel.
That lady is the poster child for incompetence. I am willing to bet that most 5th graders are much more intelligent than this race baiting imbecile.
Just another Democrat speaking with forked tongue, as always. She will be very disappointed if they ever make all the illegals citizens. The Black Democrats are under the impression, they will side with them. Wrong...
There is nothing wrong with dreaming. "When you wish upon a star...".
Who 's always think that races decide with the same race just for that purpose of same race,it can't be Carbob. We don't expect that all undocumented immigrant will side with the Black Caucus in the Congress . We have Blacks here that don't side with them even if it's in their best interest.;)
For the record Congress woman Lee is a very intelligent woman. After all you have to be twice as smart to be a member of the Congress if your a Black Democrat, unlike the Pubs their just happy to have a Black or minority that will hold their breath and stand with their mostly bigot party. For example Allen West ,Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas I can go on infinitely with the Pubs in general whole crew of Dummy from Texas and the stupid from Georgia ,Arkansas, Miss, Alabama etc.;)
You always talk about voting for your best interests, Weezy.
Do you ever consider voting for the best interests of the nation?
The two are not always compatible.
With you it's always seems to be me, me, me, me, me....
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