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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Oprah's Interested in Buying the Clippers

Someone's not getting enough attention.
Oprah is just a smart business woman.
She's also a hypocrite.
Always talking about having compassion for people.
There are people literally starving to death all over the world.
And she's sitting on over 3 billion dollars.
How much money does she need?
How many mansions does she need?
I couldn't sit on that kind of money when I know kids and babies are starving to death right now.
Oprah give away more money than you will ever see. If you had her wealth you wouldn't help the poor, you would give a good portion to right-wing organizations and you know it. Stop lying Ridge.
Yeah, she buys cars on tv for upper income white ladies from the lily-white suburbs so they'll like her.
Wow, I'm impressed.
There are people starving to death in this world.
Wake the f*ck up.
True, but remember charity starts at home, then it spreads abroad. Oprah gives more than her fair share to the less fortunate. While others talk crap, she is steady helping someone.
She's sitting on $3 billion while little kids are starving to death in Africa.
Right now.
This minute.
I'm glad you're so proud of her.
But the kids are dying while you're fawning over her.
She also build a school for girls in Africa so that these young ladies can educate themselves and have a better chance in life. Oprah is only one person, what about these other billionaires? Do the same rules apply to them.
Those kids in South Africa weren't starving to death.
She would never dare go into those areas.
Her Rolls Royce would get stuck in the sand on the way to her photo-op.
And still they starve.
Those kids were the poorest of the poor. What is your definition of poor?
If you haven't been there don't act like you know.
I've been there.
South African Blacks were among the most well off on the whole continent.
You may have been there, but you weren't very observant. I have met a lot of South African Blacks and they tell me a totally different story. You forget that this country was ruled by a minority(White) government for decades under apartheid. This country has come a long way but there are millions that are still poor.
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