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Saturday, April 26, 2014


He got life for selling LSD

I have a lot of trouble having sympathy for drug dealers. I've seen too many good lives wasted because of the poison they sell and I've never seen any of them show any sympathy for those they kill.
I have no problems with drug dealers being sent to prison. I do have a problem with Equal Justice Under the Law. I blogged about it in March of this year.
Ridge you didn't think that way when you Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary were coking batches of the stuff.
Never touched that stuff, four4me.
Always had Art Linkletter's son in the back of my mind.
And the "bad trips" that never quite go away sometimes.
I know a guy 68 years old still having flashbacks from 50 years ago.
Glad I never did it.
LSD 25 was the purest form of the stuff inner city youths and adults from 1948 till about 1978 usually did it or were dosed at a party, bar, or night club. After 1978 LSD was garbage they put strychnine in it and that caused a lot of people to have bad trips.

There were billions of blotter acid sold they put a drop of the stuff on Disney characters 1/4 inch by 1/4 piece of paper at a J Giles concert i saw rolls of the stuff being sold and handed out.

If you say you didn't do it i accept that but a well traveled man such as yourself i find it hard to believe.
If they are giving lengthy sentences out to anyone,it should be the heroine/cocaine traffickers.

I agree!
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