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Saturday, April 26, 2014


Barack Obama and the Myth of the Strong Leader

Putin invaded Ukraine.
Not to be outdone, Obama invaded Nevada.

Here is Barry's biggest leadership problem all wrapped up in a nice little nutshell ----> He's a pussy.
And it may even be a good thing that he's a pussy because we wouldn't want to go into war with his military experience (none) and his competence (none) and his leadership (none).
Let's just hope we can survive through this term and then straighten everything out again.

Hillary will make everything alright!
Hillary's method to straighten out her husband was to smash a lamp over his head.
You can't do that with the country.
You are forgetting Benghazi... Giving terrorists weapons, then getting people killed, trying to buy them back. She should tell people where the missing 9 billion dollars, the State Department can't account for, went. You and the other low-info are dumb enough to vote for her, I'm not.
Benghazi cannot compare with the WMD hoax. 4 lives versus over 5000 American soldiers. Something is grossly wrong with that freaking logic.
WMD was not about giving terrorists weapons. It was about oil. Not one drop of Americans blood should be used helping those idiots. Get out of Afghanistan, they aren't worth it either.
WMD was about a repub agenda that failed miserably. And in the process thousands of American soldiers died. End of story.
Slick Willy said they had WMD.
You know he doesn't lie!
But who was President? Bush
Yeah, but you would have had a hissy fit if he didn't listen to Slick Willy!
Hillary supported it 100% too!
And they are PERFECT in every way!
According to you, anyway.
Tit for tat, sad.
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