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Friday, February 22, 2013


You May Be Right, Mr. President, But This Is Crazy

It is politics with the president.
He is the leader of the country and he could put his budgeting staff to work to cut the required amount from here and there so it does not affect vital programs in government. 85 billion is chump change in a budget of 3 trillion or so.
Congress gets pork money for pass around money for pet projects in their district for political points for one thing. Even if the project is worthwhile or not. Roads to nowhere, bridges to nowhere and on and on.
Budgeting in the federal government is a big disaster.
Not enough discussion and focus by the citizens of this country where the money is going.
Let us see the budget in detail not one line item cost for the whole department involved.

I watched the debate for Sandy storm funding. What a big argument put up for pork in that fukin thing. 60 billion just for that fuker and they can not find the few billion to save on this lousy reduction.
Bunch of bullsh!t.
Fault? I'm a little confused here...
Was there a bill or something that Obama could have signed or vetoed that put the sequester in place?

If there was then why didn't he veto it if he believes the sequester is such a bad idea?

That would mean he could have prevented it in the first place.
I understand that the house passed spending legislation that was non critical to the operation of the country to prevent the designated sequester cuts. The bill sits on Harry Reids desk the last I knew.
If that budget sequester committee had done their job with responsible budgeting this sequester would not have been a problem. That committee gave up and quit leaving the sequester cuts in place.
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