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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Chris Rock: 'The President Is Our Boss'... Our 'Dad'

Can you believe someone would be stupid enough to say Obama is our Boss?
And do you know what's even more outrageous?
That's what Democrats actually BELIEVE!
They actually BELIEVE that Obama is our BOSS!
No, not our employee...
Chris Rock must of been on a Six week binge smoking Rock and doing several Kilos of Blow. He is leading his SHEEP to Slaughter and they don't even see it !!
Chris Rock must of been on a Six week binge smoking Rock and doing several Kilos of Blow. He is leading his SHEEP to Slaughter and they don't even see it !!
Chris Rock is a fuquing idiot.
Woof, Woof. Still barking at a passing parade, I see. Hey looky, there's Chris Rock, joking about Obama being the boss, lets take it serious and blog that the joking is truth because we are in so much pain and can't reach any higher from being wounded so bad from losing the election twice and have nothing else to do but stand on the sideline and bark at the passing parade. HE'S A PROFESSIONAL COMEDIAN FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! g-e-e.
every king needs a court jester.

perfect fit, aye.
Hey look everybody, it's the 20 Mule team Borax passing by with the court Jester dancing behind.
OK everyone , one , two , now >>>>>>>!
What sounds foolish to the wise, sounds wise to the foolish.
Stupid man.
Yeah right janjan, cuz he's a professional comedian, everything he says is a joke, right? And how come nobody was laughing then? Why was everybody behind him just rolling their eyes and looking embarrassed for his dumbass? Yeah, him and old Tony Bennett are the perfect spokesmen for Obama's delusional policies. One's a stupid pothead and one's a senile old relic of the 40's.
Whoops I forgot he is a fuquing hypocrite idiot pin head, he got ugly with his daddy president GW any time he spoke about GW. Now he worships the fascist barry king like a good little subject, jerk. And he wasn't doing a comedy act this week when he was adoring his daddy barry.
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