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Sunday, December 01, 2013


Eye on 2016 Clintons Rebuild Bond With Blacks

What can they promise Blacks now? The democrat party has reached a peak on what they can do for Blacks.

Jap69 can you please! please! tell me as a minority, what peak have they or has been reach? It sound like we are living in a parallel universe to me, friends and family.;)
what peak have they or has been reach
Since the end of the civil war equal rights have been established and all U.S. citizens are treated equally.

Ok, Jap69 is it really equal, I know we have an age difference ,but even I can see that it still need work .The Professor said, We will never really be equal until a certain segment of the population is gone maybe three to four generations. There was a side eye given to the Professor.;)
Comment by lilluv - Today, 4:11 pm
Equal under the law.
Racial, ethnic and religious bias by individuals or groups will always be around. Been that way since the beginning of the human race. Someone always hating on someone else.
Jap - correct. Wars and hate have existed forever.
I believe lilluv is a racist antagonist troll and should stop the hatred and race baiting.
posted by jarasan : 7:53 PM
I do not think so.
She questions my post or reply and I give an answer to her question.
Thank you , Jap69 and Emilyg you guys makes a good point, because it's true, history has taught as much. I was really stunned to read more in detail on the trial and tribulation of the religious aspect of Roman and the Catholic church, the cruelty that took place.;)
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