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Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Charlie Rangel: If Obama Walked on Water GOP Would Say He Can't Swim

And if Rangel had a brain, he'd be a double Jack-ass....!
Obama is going to need to walk on water to save his presidency.

MADDOG I always love your comments and I love this fits old Rangel to a "T"...!!!
Rangel's intellect will make both of you seem developmentally challenged.
A brain and mouth DO not constitute intellect. As far as I can see, there are only a few people with issues, and that is a NO brainer..
True, but your position in life does.
My position is not at question, but your comments are. I don't tell people where I stand, because I don't boast or brag about anything, I just tell it like it is.
Maddog, you have your own definition of bragging. Anything someone says that they have done and you didn't, you say they are bragging. No, you have a bad case of jealously. There will always be someone better than you or me.
Speedy, read carefully):

brag (brg)
v. bragged, bragĀ·ging, brags

To talk boastfully. See Synonyms at boast1.
To assert boastfully.

1. A boast.

2. Arrogant or boastful speech or manner.

3. Something boasted of.

4. A braggart; a boaster.

5. Games A card game similar to poker.

Speedy I know the true meaning of bragging, but apparently yours is different. And just to set the record straight, I am not jealous of anyone or anything. I have respect for people who have accomplished more than me, not jealousy. A person doesn't have to boast or brag about their accomplishments because their actions speak louder than words do..
Maddog, that is your problem. You don't know me, nor do I know you. So how can you prejudge someone you don't know or have never met? Everything that I have said about myself is true whether you believe it or not does not matter because I don't know you. Using racists tactics on someone you don't know shows a lack of maturity on your part.
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