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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Westboro Baptist Church 'Obama Antichrist' Inauguration Protest Fails

Nobody pays any attention to those idiots anymore. They're just frustrated Democrats and they're all on welfare and food stamps. They weren't able to disrupt the inauguration anyway and everything went smoothly.

I'm just glad it wasn't windy enough to make Michelle's new wig fly off and land on Harry Reid's head or anything like that. Nobody wants that. Or if it flew into the crowd and everybody kept screaming and throwing it around like it had cooties or something. That would be very disrespectful. So I'm glad nothing like that happened.
Only a sorry fat ass like you Ramone would think of something that evil...that is why it did not happen infidel.
How would you like it if her wig flew off and landed in your soup?
I bet you'd sing a different tune then!
No, then I would have 15 minutes of fame stupid.
Yeah, and cooties.
I think she got that wig at K-Mart.
I bet you have better wigs anyway when you get all decked out in your women's underwear and clothes.
Deep Throat, you seem to know a lot about womens clothes. I bet you have a drawer full of women's panties. Being alone turned you into a freak. You probably paint your toenails and wear pumps, huh!
Wow, that was original.
Wonder where you came up with that?
Oh yeah, from me.
You're really startin' to bore me, lilspanky.
Try to keep up, will ya?
You don't have anything to copy because you are old and used up. I have plenty more where that came from ass wipe. Just stay tuned Deep Throat. LOL
STFU lilspanky.
Bite me!
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