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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Washington's jaw drops at possibility of AIG lawsuit

Has she taken a look at her head lately?
Or that mountain of blubber that it's sitting on top of?
Good Lord...
Look at who's making fun of someone's appearance...a fat turd of an inbred.
My comment wound up under the wrong article somehow but it doesn't matter to lilspanky cuz he doesn't repond to the articles. He only responds to my comments on the articles for some reason.
Ain't that right, lilspanky?
I'm just doing to you what you have been doing to me inbred.
Sue the government. Get it out in the trial or hearings the closed door deal that went on in the white house.
We are locking these doors until you bankers sign for this deal, you got that.
Or course many did not need it. Big show for Obama.
lil' $hitty! HA!
Jarasan aka jarhead, I don't waste my time with a coward and punk like you. SAMFB
I'll meet you anywhere anytime lil' pu$$y and I will pound your fuquing a$$face down to your stinky vag1na.
I will pay your way from Rockville to Atlanta and give you a chance to do that, just say when PUSSY!
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