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Monday, January 7, 2013


UPDATE:Georgia mom shoots home intruder in the face five times with a .38-caliber revolver

And she was a democrat.
No she wasn't lilspanky, you're a Democrat so you just can't help lying, can you?
It just comes natural, doesn't it?
If she was a Democrat there wouldn't have been a gun in the house or anyone who would know how to use it. Her and the kids would be dead cuz when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.
She shot the guy, something a Democrat wouldn't have the balls to do.

Come to my house in GA and find out SUCKER!
Blah,blah,blah, yap,yap,yap, yeah, whatever, lilspanky.
You libs always like to say you believe in the 2nd Amendment BUT...
And you were in the military BUT...
And you have guns BUT...
All lies and bullsh*t used to try to get credibility because you hate guns and the military and the 2nd Amendment and want a nanny state to take care of you.
Democrats are gutless cowards.
Like I said before, Come to GA. I will buy you a one-way first class ticket on the airline of your choice.
Yap,yap,yap,yap,yap,yap... Pffffffffffffffffffffftttttttt!!!
Yes! that is what I figured. All mouth. The offer still stands. You can miss Chapin for one day.
Cluck hen, cluck! LOL.
You're like an old woman.
The offer still stands inbred. You must feel real good about your fat ass when you put women down. What a punk!
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