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Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Martin Luther King dreams that Obama forgot

Obama doesn't care about King's dreams.
Obama only cares about Obama's dreams.
He has no connection with King.
He has no connection with slavery.
He has no connection with the American mainland.
He has no connection with the American people.
And we have to overcome his efforts to destroy us for another 4 years.

If he really wanted to do something for King's memory, he should send that statue back to China and tell them the truth about it - that it doesn't look like King, it looks like Juan Williams from FOX NEWS.
Martin Luther King's dream has and is still being realized. All one has to do is look at the many opportunities that were once denied because of a person's color or ethnicity, to the many opportunities that are open to people of color now. America may not be all that it can be, but it is definitely not like it use to be.
Wrong again, lilspanky, all is not as rosey as you want everyone to believe.
We have a long, long way to go.
Stop denying it just to ease your guilty conscience.
Cuz you are a big part of the problem.
I don't expect a bigot to see the good in anything. Everyone does not share your pessimism and your ungodly way of viewing things.You belong to a special group of people that hate for no apparent reason. SAD. Tick, tock, Tick, tock...
There's no need for all your hate, lilspanky, you're no better than anybody else.
Accept people for what they are and who they are.
We all have to live together.
Stop the hate and apologize.
Do it now. You'll feel better about yourself.
You are a bigot and can't help yourself. You are always miserable and want others to share your grief. Your bigotry has been memorialized throughout the threads for years...I know because I was a member before you.
"I know because I was a member years before you."

You were a lot of things I never was, lilspanky, mostly a dumbass mf'er though.
Bite me!
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