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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Texas college shooting leaves 3 injured

Welp, Obama will have to find out what kind of guns those were and take them away from law-abiding owners of them now.
And get the two shooters some counseling and maybe probation.
Those dam guns!
dang, i thought this one was the teenager who killed his parents and a young boy a few days ago in NM who he shot several times with an assault rifle but this is a new one. Good the people are injured and not dead. You don't want to hear news and be totally desensitized and it only mean something political to you.
Wouldn't wanna get all hysterical and create new laws that don't accomplish anything other than infringe on the rights of people who have nothing to do with this kind of stuff either, would we?
Oh, wait...
We're already trying to do just that...
correction, he killed his parents and 3 (three children) and said he had planned to kill his girlfriend's parents as well and go shoot up people in Walmart. gee he doesn't fit the typical profile though. Said he just didn't like his mother.
Maybe he's emulating his favorite Hollywood Stars in the shoot-em-up Movies or video games where you desensitize yourself to killing people because that's all you do in the game is kill people.

No, we'd better not mention that, they'd lose money and the Hollywood Stars are all Democrats and donate to the Democrat Party, let's blame it on guns, that's much easier and it'll make it somebody else's fault. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Do you look as stupid as you sound?
Leave her alone, lilspanky.
Do it now.
And then STFU and mind your own business.

You are my business a-hole.
Apologize to janet.
Do it now.
lilspeedy, Ridge turned over the playing board because he lost and is dancing around like he won.
oops be careful I think he's going to....OMG ewwwwwwww. bruahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hey Tenaj, he's just a lonely old fart with too much time on his hands. He ran everyone away, even his dog.
I understand both people involved had guns in the Texas college shooting. Could be a good thing as the one who got pissed off first and drew a gun could have finished what he started. But the second guy must have pulled his gun and distracted the first guy and thru him off focus.
Whatever the case the defender was defending himself with a gun when the aggressor was using a gun.

I'm shocked and appalled that you would overlook his insults and fall prey to his plans for the two of you to join the circus as Tom Thumb & The Fat Lady!
Have you no shame?!
lil' sh1tty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just take that big pimple that sits on top of your shoulders with both hands and squeeze real hard...... and maybe, just maybe, you can get that big pus ball off the top of that tiny brain and get it to start thinking clearly again.

You see lil' sh1tty you can't make no money posting stupid comments on a blog, it ain't a profitable business.
Jarhead, you need to take a course in basic english. You write like someone in 4th grade. You will be a moron for the rest of your life. I don't want to make money the way you make money. You make your money by licking the sperm off the floor of a bar room.
Romone aka Deep Throat of the Appalachians make sure you change your diaper before you go to bed. You are not suppose to wear them until poop comes out the sides. If Jarhead and Madman is there, let them make sandwiches with the poop in your diaper.
lil' sh1tty!!!!!!!!!! Fashion critic!!!!!! English major!!!!!!!!! Fuque face!!!!!!!!! Creative genius!!!!!!!!!!!Pus ball for a brain!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Fruitcake!!!!!!! I could never replace you, the master jiz licker!!!!!!!!!!
Jarhead, I can tell you rode the short yellow bus with seat belts and helmets to school. Did they tease you? GOOD!
You must hang out in a real swanky bar, judging by what's on the floor there, lilspanky.
Do you hang out there with your "buddies"?
Do you slip and fall much?
I hang out there with your mama when she is not turning tricks.
My mama's long gone.
Are you sure that stuff on the floor wasn't from your wife's last gang bang?
Remember, you made it personal. It was from your mama the town hoe. It was dripping down her leg.
I didn't make anything as personal or disgustingly foul-mouthed as you, lilspanky.
That's the personal domain of hate-filled Democrats like you.
So have at it if it gets you off, I won't stoop that low.
I guarantee you'd be spittin' blood if you ever dared open your piehole like that in my presence though.
No brag, midgetman, just fact.
But you can play Internet Badass behind your computer all you want and still keep your teeth, so go right ahead.
Come on down old don't live that far from me. I will give you an ass whipping that you will never forget...I will beat your old fat head until you can see the white meat hanging better stay in South Carolina and run your mouth punk.
Yap, yap, yap...
Talk, talk, talk...
STFU lilspanky.
Yes! I meant what I read it again COWARD!
Cluck, hen, cluck...
Now read it again COWARD!

Keep cluckin hen, just like I told you to...
Do it now!
That's what I thought, pussy.
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