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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Second inauguration shows the U.S. is worse off than four years ago

That was depressing.
And it's gonna get a lot worse over the next 4 years.
Bah, Humbug!
John Conlee sang it best - " These Rose Colored Glasses "
That makes no sense idiot! Pick up a book and read sometime. You are mentally challenged ass wipe.
It makes no sense to you because you're the Idiot. What does a book have to do with people looking at things with rose colored glasses and thinking they're different?
You haven't got the common sense that God gave to a Jack-ass SF.
And finally, yes I am mentally challenged everyday having to deal Ignoramus's just like you.
And you still a nasty lilignant ain't yah...!                    GPWYYMCYB
Calm down fool, you don't make sense when you are angry. You're not eye candy, you are eye pollution, with your cross eyed, crater face, buck teeth, and sh.t smelling self. GFY
Leroy, I'm far from being angry. Dealing with Ignants like you everyday brings a smile to myself, because all I can think of is how Dumb and distorted people like YOU are.
But, that's the nature of an assahoola just sitting around with one finger up his arse, and another finger in his mouth waiting for someone to holler switch.>                         SWITCH...!
I told you to calm down B...h! You need to put your PMS in check because it is getting the best of you pal. C>H>I>L>L HOE! Then bite me!
STFU lilspanky.
Bite me!
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