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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


President Congeniality talks tough

What a phony, what a fraud.
If we default on anything it's his baby because he didn't keep his word about doing his half of the deal by cutting spending after the Republicans did their part by letting him raise taxes.
He's not a man of his word.
He's a disgrace to the office.
Ramone, it doesn't really matter what the repubs think..Most have already prejudged President Obama and want him to fail...but that is not going to happen because there are too many descent, honest, and rational thinking Americans that supports the president. We are not blinded by a lot of right-wing rhetoric. Plain and simple. So rant on if it makes you feel good, but it accomplishes NOTHING!
I have to take more payroll taxes out on my employee's between $30.00 / $37.00 and they're all middle class people, so it blows his promise of not taxing the middle class , now doesn't it?
He said " I will not raise taxes " on the middle class only on those folks making more than 250,000.
So, the people will rationalize this and be able to really see who he is.
This alone, shows he's not a man of his word...!
he doesn't keep his word - what a joke.
Nor do the repubs!
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