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Monday, January 7, 2013


Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases

Those of us who seen it coming, tried to tell the sheeple, most of us starting preparing 4 years ago, saved our pennies and kept personal spending down, we stocked up on food, and non food items.
HAHAHAHAHA, THE WORSE IS YET TO COME, Hey, idiots, are you going to listen now?
"Among the households facing higher taxes, the average increase would be $1,635, the policy center said,” according to a Bloomberg News article. Hilariously, the tax burden will rise more for someone making $30,000 a year (1.7 percent) than it does for someone earning $500,000 annually (1.3 percent).

Hey Democrats! He lied! The joke's on you!
You didn't know he considers EVERYBODY rich people, didja?

That is not the first President to raise taxes and it won't be the last. So why are you laughing you will have to pay extra too. Now laugh at that!
"If you make under a million dollars a year, you won't pay ONE MORE DIME in taxes."
And the schmucks fell for it.

I see lilspanky was here at 12:35.
He must have caught the last bus back to Schmucktown.
No I came from Chapin. It is nice little mountain people town.
Correction: It is a...

The obamacare tax is going to hit everyone in the ass too.
Oh no, who's gonna feed lilspanky and all the other Democrats?
Not to worry, I'm retired, and well taken care of because of long range planning. Something you don't know anything about inbred. LOL
Yeah, we all know you're well taken care of - by our tax dollars.
You're like a boil on the ass of humanity.
That's where you are wrong idiot. I don't get SS. My money comes from investments. LOL
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