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Monday, January 14, 2013


Jesse Jackson: Assault Weapons Are Threat to National Security - They Can Shoot Down Planes

Assault weapons shoot down planes! Any weapon that can fire a tracer round can shoot down a plane. A bolt action 50 calibre or a bolt action 30 calibre.

I saw the old fart on tv this morning.
Is he getting senile or what?
He was goin' on and on about something and I couldn't make out a word he was sayin'!
It sounded like he had a mouthful of corn bread and soup beans or something.
There's definitely something wrong there, they oughta check the old geezer out. He ain't right.
No lie, it was bizarre!
Jesse Jackson is an interloper and a fraud.
And you're a loud mouth PUNK that is scared of his own shadow.
Reverend Jesse(D) wants your guns, lilspanky.
Be a good Democrat now and turn them over.
You know he knows what's best for you.
Do it now, lilguy.
The government always knows what's best.
You can trust them with your life.
They're every bit as trustworthy as the Post Office.
Ramone, do society a big favor and shoot yourself between the eyes.
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